Room for spirit

I call them Spirit trees: Usually cedars, they are hollowed out by  fire or disease or age. And yet, they keep growing. It is absolutely an amazing sight. I call them spirit trees, because in place of the core that once was there, there is now spirit.

This old fella is probably a hundred years of age or so, and so the spirit space, carved out by an old fire, is big enough to stand in. I love to stand facing out, and I beam out my wishes, my prayers, my love to the world or to the forest or to friends.... These beings are survivors in the truest sense of the word, and they are thrivers as well--look up from the damage, and one will see green branches and new growth.

As I age, I acknowledge that there are more wounds from my life journey. Physical and emotional and psychic  wounds make space though, for Spirit to enter in, if I allow this. Great Spirit,  aka God, Creator, or the Universe always wants the highest and best results for me. So as I heal wounds new and old, I also invite Spirit in. And I thrive through this allowance.

This old guy once had a fall that almost took it out. But a branch of this tree reached up to the sun and found another path. So too for all of us: when we each fall down and all seems lost, there are choices to find a way to survive another day, and thrive as well.

Blessings to your journey!


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  1. Lovely, Elke. Beautiful wisdom.

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