Out of the Spiritual Closet, Part one

closet-sparkly-doorlight-150x150It hasn't been for my entire adult life that I've admitted I see auras. No. For quite some time after the initial shock seeing this way, and well into my early 30's, there were very few people who knew that this gift existed. Never mind that it existed in their psychological counselor, or their colleague--or even their friend.

No, far better to keep that stuff under wraps, because A: It might be my imagination, or even worse,  B: People might think I’m nuts. Which leads to C: People might stop seeing me as a counselor or not want me as a friend if either A or B was true.

Nowadays, I realize there are a whole lot of you out there who are either waking up to dormant gifts, or are already awake and don't know quite what to do about it. You might feel crazy. You might feel exposed. You might not know how to wrangle these so-called gifts, which might lead to keeping it all under wraps. Yea...that's better isn't it?
No, its not.

So here ya go: My admission to you:
Hello, my name is Elke, and I am an aura seer. It’s true--for most of my life I have been seeing things. Which makes me a functioning delusional psychotic in some people’s mind.
Hello, My name is Elke, and I hear voices in my head.
Hello , my name is Elke, and I believe God is love.
And…. Not only that, but I use my sight to help people, ditto the voices in my head, and my belief in God as love is a significant part of my day job.
Therefore, I am a functional delusional psychotic with a God complex and mercenary intent.
*Whew* I feel much better.

When I was a little girl, my life was one of spirit…every day was magic. I saw clouds of beautiful colors around people. I saw this as normal: people had colors around them, and the colors told me stuff about them such as how they were feeling and or what they were thinking. And then I found out: no-one else was seeing this. Plus, the adult types told me it was my imagination, so I put the  colors away for a long time.

Yet my spiritual Self, I did not put away. When I sang in the church choir, I felt the music in my soul. I also saw halos around people when they were really into the singing. I knew something much, much bigger than what we all thought was happening was going on, but what was that? And why were we playing so small? Including me?

And finally it happened: the day the aura colors returned at 21 years old. I won’t go into that story now, but my world changed forever.  How many of you have had spiritual experiences that have completely changed your life? Events such as near death experiences, or sightings of something unusual, or a voice in your head, or an angel, or a light, or an out of body experience or...? How many of you couldn’t wait to tell someone about that life changing event?
And how many more of you hesitated, or found it difficult to share with others? Why?
Why hide?

For me, there were no role models, no explanatory books, and no instructions. I finally did tell my mom--because she was metaphysical before it was fashionable--and that helped. Over the years there were supportive people  in my life. They were few and far between, but they were there.
And then one day, I decided it's time to come out of the spiritual closet, and DO something with this gift. So nowadays I do not make a distinction between my spiritual life and my work or family life. It is all the same.

As for you, fellow gifted soul: Why come out now? Because people are waking up, and they need someone to help show them the way. Not in a proselytizing,  pushy way.  Please do not shove affirmations down people’s throat!  And there is no need to go door to door and tell people how to shine up their auras. (I hope you see me grinning).

Through your actions, your kind words, your affirmative, compassionate attitude towards life, you may actually find them coming to you!
So get ready.

Meanwhile. Maybe we need to have some kind of group process…you know a step process: The 6 Step Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet Process:

Step one: Admit the truth: You are a spiritual being having a human experience.
Step two: As a spiritual human, show compassion towards everyone, no exceptions.
Step three:  As a spiritual human, show compassion towards yourself at all times, no exceptions.
Step four: Believe that God is love, no exceptions.
Step five: Let go and let God
Step six: Be yourself.
Because you know and I know: everyone else is taken.

PS: Look for part 2 in this 2 part series soon. And see my activities page for the latest from your favorite delusional psychotic. 🙂

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