Creating sanctuary

Every time I enter my water front office--and I mean every single time--I smile, step through the door, face the view, and offer my thanks to Great Spirit and to friend and colleague Marty who owns the lovely house above my space. I have had many offices over the 35 years of sharing this divine work: small ones, lofty ones (one was above an ice-cream stand in an old, re-purposed water-tower, grounded ones, and even a home office--our last place of residence had a cozy office space with a very short commute.

I am truly grateful for them all because they served me well. Yet, when it came time to move to our new home, I no longer wanted a home office: My home is my sanctuary, as well as sanctuary for my hubby and housemates Deb and resident doggie.

Once I determined that home = sanctuary, I went to work finding a new one: Friend Marty was amenable to using this place as a temporary fix: I had been teaching workshops here for over 2 years, and I loved working here. But the search was on: Where would be the best location? Downtown in my town? Closer access to a major highway? Should I share an office? Have one of my own so I can determine the hours?  And importantly: What could I afford so that I  would do my work with ease?

And then I would come back to this healing space and sigh. There was room for all my equipment and work: a healing space, a counsel space, and even an aura portrait space. My clients loved it, and, when perched in a soft recliner, they would stare at the view and vent or share or answer my questions with depth, because...

They were relaxed and safe enough to go deep. I mean, where  else in the world would I find these qualities?

Answer: Right here.

At some point in the search, Marty gently stated: "You don't have to run around looking for an office, ya know. In fact I've been worried that you may move.... I love having you here!"

And so negotiations were negotiated, and all flowed from there. Even when there was a cell service to my phone...there was an easy fix: I needed to upgrade my clunky old phone anyway, and now can use the house wifi to connect

So, come on over to  my sanctuary in the LaConner WA area (cool tourist town) for guidance, for energy healing, for aura portraits, heck you can even walk the beach at low tide!

One more thing: I know there are a number of you who are not even close to this awesome space, but know this: once I discovered that I had access to at least 2 sanctuaries, I found access to a third: Within me. Within you too. My over the phone guidance sessions are relaxed, you can talk in your pjs if you want, you can make faces or cry, and you can tune in and picture my beautiful waterfront sanctuary and plan the day when you visit me here.

And: I can also travel off-site...just ask me.

I look forward to seeing you.

love and blessings,


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