Death and Rebirth

The evidence of possible new life is everywhere in our Pacific Northwest valley: Muddy daffodil fields already show green stubby evidence of the yellow beauties' arrival in March. Tundra and trumpeter swans have gray cygnets foraging with their parents.

I too feel the stir of the new with a new book project and a new flow to my work. Yet I also experience the completion of a phase I've gone through for the past 6 years of home and financial and medical transitions and crises with my beloved husband.  Confirmation of this death and rebirth came in the form of a writing exercise I proposed to a writers group the other evening: It was the Full moon/eclipse/blue moon--a great time to put a spotlight on our creations. I brought out 3 Tarot decks, had the women draw from any of the decks for inspiration on what the full moon light shone upon: My selected cards are pictured, and I wrote the following to describe them:

Motherpeace deck, Death (13):
The birch trees have long ago lost their leaves. Decaying leaves were now dead to the world, yet nurtured the soil for growth to come.  Empty branches stared down at the grave below.

She knew it was coming--the time to die to the old ways of doing...hmm...everything. Everything was up for releasing: all of her life--the style of it, the relationships in it, the work, the play, the way she saw herself. All up for grabs. All up for release. All up for dying. Let it go.

So, she laid down in a fetal position, ready for the death, certainly, but also... Ready for the rebirth of her soul.

She saw the old snakeskin next to her and thought, "Huh. It's so easy, isn't it?  Easy to shed the skin, the coat, the clothes that no longer suits or fits." Snake taught her this.

And even though she only left the bare bones of her life intact, they were good bones, sturdy bones. Life experience does that; it strengthens the bones with challenge, adversity, and colorful lessons.

Which brings me to the 3 of Fire, from the Gaian Tarot:
Sassy. Full out. Dancing my own dance. My. Own. Dance. Ayiyi!

No need for pretense or playing by society's oppressive "rules" because my life is flow in motion.
I am thriving.
I am living.
I am me.
Look around, people: some things are dying, making room for new birth. Take a look into your heart too: the evidence of rebirth is right there.

By the way, see below for a new way to share my gifts: A Release and Rebirth package, as well as a call for stories of near death and rebirth.

Release and Rebirth Process: A 3 part process of remembering the mission of your soul, releasing what no longer serves that soul, and rebirthing the true you.

Session 1: One hour Aura Portrait reveals the colors of your soul and your soul's intent.
Session 2. 90 minute Release and Rebirth Healing session removes energies, thoughts, and blocks that do not serve you. Rebirth comes when space is made for the true you to shine.
Session 3. Integration and personal download. In support of the true you, a personal download from Source and spiritual guides will sustain the rebirth.

Investment: 3 options:
Option 1. $333 for 3 sessions in my waterfront sanctuary. $33 goes to a rebirth or rebuild project somewhere in the world. A new project every month. This month is dedicated to rebuilding Puerto Rico.

Option 2: $233 if you've already had an aura portrait in the last 2 years, schedule sessions 2 & 3 release and rebirth and support! $33 goes to rebirth or rebuild charity of the month.

Option 3: $433 All day personal Release and Rebirth Retreat at my waterfront sanctuary near LaConner WA, or full day retreats in a location near you soon (prices will vary)! All 3 sessions in one day, includes time for walking on nearby beach or park or meditation trail, and lunch in nearby LaConner. Lovely lodging and b&bs nearby.

To Schedule: email  
A call for stories: I am in the process of collecting stories or interviewing people who've had near death experiences (NDEs) and the people who love them and support them. My research will guide a new project that will help both the NDEer and their loved ones cope with and thrive in the aftermath of this profound experience. Email for more information.

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