Didn’t know how much I loved this place, til I had to let go.

6th st sacred  6th str office corner 6th st red couchYea, that sounds like a popular song. Yet its true.

I thought I had it all figured out: this move to a new life needed to be put on hold with a temporary shelter--ya know, til the "right one" comes along. Which I believe will happen soon. There is a place for us, and it is just not ready.

The road to this moment... oh my God. It's been intense and emotional and miraculous. Five years of giving up and giving in and creating out of nothing and watching the miracles--one after another--unfold: Jim's return from the brink of brain and heart blastoffs. Our finding a home in a new hometown. My finding my power in successfully running a home office--even after  regular income from Jim's disability checks stopped coming. Jim's healing. Our health. I've loved it here.

And Jim not only senses this, but knows it deeply: This is a place that was made for us as we navigated the last few years. And now it's about to come to an end, and my honey is playing the Hail Mary move with last minute negotiations with the landlady.

On the other hand,  I am ready to move on to temporary shelter because I know that our long term home is simply not ready yet. And we need to live somewhere: so why not temporary digs in a modest apartment with low rent and utilities ? It does make sense, and this is what we may do. But in this moment, I get it--the man wants me to have the office I love in the home I love for as long as we possibly can.

And for that, I have tears of gratitude. It's been a lovely, safe place to see clients, attend to their needs, write, dream, heal. Then there's the red couch in the living room, and the meals and conversations we've shared there, and....

Thank you, dear space.

One more week of work here, and then we move to....??????

Love, Elke





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  1. A beautiful spirit like yours deserves a beautiful home. I have learned last year that is is INDEED tough to leave a loved place. What is NOT easy is to have the positive attitude that you share with the world. It touches me and makes me ashamed for my own self centered thoughts. What is also not easy is patient waiting for the next step – whether it is a home, Prince Charming when you are in your forties, happiness in an adult child’s life, good news on a medical test, or simply your next meal. Peace and good thoughts to us all.

    • Thanks so much for your encouraging words, Jan. It will all turn out beautifully.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story Elke and your heart. I relate very much to trying to find your HOME and transitioning from one place to another. I know what its like to be homeless with kids and rely on the mercy of strangers providing a roof over our heads. You and your family have been through ALOT. Your positive outlook, courage, and strength inspire me. You have a village of people who love you and have your back. May your new home be just around the corner and just what you need! ❤️Standying by… I will let you know if I come across something. What are you hoping for?

    • Thanks so much, Sarah! We are creating a space that nurtures us, and supports my wonderful work in the world, with a home office, and a space to have groups and get-togethers. Jim doesn’t drive, so a bike ride or easy walking to a village, and a nice walking zone. Mount Vernon, Anacortes WA is preferable, but I will look at anywhere we are invited to!

  3. I have been visualizing a new home for my Daughter and I because I’m filled with so much sorrow because of where we live now, when I read your blog post. I knew at that moment that it was the Universe nudging me to come to the realization that although I live in a town where there is no future for us here, we do have a place to live and we are safe.

    One thing that I have learned since learning “The Secret” is that the Universe always gives you what you need and the Universe has told me that what I needed is a healthy dose of Gratitude to manifest what I truly desired.

    Elke, with everything that you have gone through, you still have great Strength to express Gratitude for your experiences in Life and the strong Belief that Your Dream Home is not ready yet and stronger Faith that you know that it will Manifest itself when it is ready. What an inspiration you are!

    Here I Am visualizing my new home but not showing the Appreciation nor Gratitude for the one that I have. It took reading your blog post to come to the realization that I do not express Gratitude for the apartment that we live in nor the Town where we live. Yes it’s true that this town does not have any economical or educational opportunities for us here but we are Safe. No I do not live in my Dream Home but the Apartment where we are living now is Safe and affordable.

    Elke, I would like to Thank You for your Honesty and Courage by sharing your story with us. Because you openly shared your life experiences I have learned the lessons of expressing Gratitude and Appreciation for the Blessings that I have received and I have learned to have Faith that My Blessings that I have visualized will Manifest, I just have to have the Courage and Faith to Believe it.

    • Thank you for sharing your insights! Gratitude for what we have makes room for new creations! Blessings on your search!

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