Grateful for everything and the kitchen sink

kitchen sink and everythingYea, its a picture of a kitchen sink full of dishes. This is not a demonstration of how I wash dishes, but it is a picture of my gratitude right now....

Take a closer look: Far left is a picture of a smiling young couple: it's our wedding picture, almost 30 years ago. That day led to all sorts of incidents and accidents (i.e. first child born 3 months later that year) and adventures.

There are fresh berries from a local farm, brought to us from a participant in last night's drum circle: In this household, we--our housemate and hubby and I--have been eating fresh berries and ice-cream as a kind of evening ritual. Not sure if it's good for our girths, but it certainly is a delicious bonding experience.

Assorted coffee mugs wait their turn in the suds: Jim wants me to purge some of the vast collection of mugs we've collected--there's limited space, I know. But I will not get rid of the small white coffee cup which matches the terracotta one not pictured. Our morning coffee tastes better in these wee mugs gifted by a dear pal. So, they stay: end of story.

Above the sink is another picture: this one an anniversary gift from our beloved sister in law, now no longer on this side of the veil. Alaskan painter Rie Munoz captured a moment of collaboration and family with this picture of an Alaskan couple putting up that year's salmon catch into the storage house. I've looked to this picture for inspiration in our own collaborative relationship.

And then there's the sink itself. Newly installed in our new kitchen, I am absolutely in love with this sink. Our housemate found it at a Habitat for Humanity store--which sells used stuff for a good cause. The cabinets are from there too, and the fridge and stove are from a local thrift shop...but look at how shiny and new they all look! Oh, that's right, no pics of the above, but you might get my drift: To us its new, and more importantly, use-able, useful, asking to be used. The sink represents a home that is already brimming with lovingly used dishes from shared evening meals and coffees and, of course, ice cream and berries.

How can it get any better than that? Answer: it can't because gratitude for the small things that make life a good life cannot be underestimated. Much like the force of Love, Gratitude is a force which reminds us that life is still worth living.

Gratefully yours,


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  1. This is such a beautiful blessing that you have received, I’m very happy for you. Please continue proving that having Faith brings forth requested Blessings.

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