I need a psychic! Seeking guidance in a complex world…

He walked into the wellness center, look of determination on his face: "I need a psychic. Do you have one here?" The owner thought about it,  gave him my name and number as a person who might serve in this role.

Same question when he called: "Are you a psychic? I need answers now." Boy did he ever, but really, he didn't need a psychic so much as a good listener, and maybe a bit of guidance.
I set up an appointment with the 81 year old elder, and carefully  gave him directions to my office, repeating my address 4 times.
On the appointed day, I waited by the window to look for him in order to help him up the front steps. Out of the car came his dour looking wife who escorted him up the stairs, and grumpily asked, "When do I pick him up?"  then scurried down the steps and drove away as if escaping a crime scene.

I settled him into a comfy chair, brought him tea, and he launched: "I need a psychic to tell me if I should stay in my 58 year marriage." Well now. Hmm.

According to my significant psychic powers (I hope you see the smile on my face), what he was really asking was "Can I trust myself enough to make the choice I have already made in my mind?" So I asked this father and grandfather what he thought about his situation. I listened to his stories of her philandering and mental abuse. With each passing story, it was obvious to me that his decision was made long ago, but he did not have the confidence to make the final choice. So I asked him what his life would be like without her. His answer: "Simple. Peaceful. Joyful."

He left with more confidence in his choice, some issues to consider, and a plan of action. Good thing I passed the psychic test.

Seriously though, how do any of us get answers to complex or daunting questions like this? And who do you trust for the right answer? Some tips:

1. Trust yourself. You actually do know what's best for you. That fact might be hidden by your doubts, or others' input, or your "shoulds," but somewhere in there, you know the answer.

2. Use ritual: Example: Light a candle, set your intention for clear answers, then ask the question. Setting aside quiet time and space for the answer to emerge gives the Universe a clear signal: "This is what I want. I know the answer will come."

3. Use tools, if that's comfortable for you: Tarot or divination  cards, a pendulum, flip a coin, ask for specific signs--and more. Only use the tools if you trust the tools and your use of the tools.

4. Ask for professional guidance. If you go to an intuitive person or coach or counselor, take their guidance into consideration, yet always run it through your own filters: Does their guidance ring true for you? Was the guidance non-judgmental? If there is even a hint of judgement on their parts, then their judgments might be obscuring the correct answers for you. Take in what resonates, and leave the rest behind.

5. Ask for spiritual guidance. Pray. Ask for answers and allow Spirit to give you the answers. In other words, give it to God/Creator/Universe.

7. Call me, and I will listen carefully, and then tell you to trust yourself. The answers are truly all around you, as well as inside you.

Trusting my heart and yours,

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