If I could erase my big mistakes, and make the right choices instead, would I?

cheers-too-150x150I picked up the paper and saw some good news on the front page for a change...
A local company had invented and was about to manufacture for world-wide use a contraption they call an Omni-Processor: Sewage goes in one end, and clean water, energy from steam and a small amount of ash is produced in the process.  I thought: "Just what the world needs: a source of clean water and sustainable energy!" Admittedly, I also thought: "Sigh. It would've been nice to invest in that machine rather than the one we did 10 years ago. Where would we be now if we had invested in a success?"

10 years ago, I was an adviser for a rather brilliant man who ostensibly invented a machine that would take in sewage and sludge and within seconds, create clean water and steam and a small amount of ash. True story. I took a crew of folks from my community to Ireland in order to see the invention, and possibly invest in its development. It was the real deal, and I felt so optimistic and thrilled to be a part of something that could change the world.

And though I had serious reservations, my hubby and I decided to invest in the project with the rest of our life savings. You probably know what's coming, and I had an intuitive sense about what came--red flags flapped in front of my face for months while I tried to keep my enthusiasm up. The inventor was one of those people with a brilliant mind, as well as a significant streak of madness. He disappeared into the mist, leaving the bankers and us investors holding the bag of an invention that would never see the light of production and world-wide use.

Now, you might be thinking, "Ah yes. You're resentful, right? And wished you never invested your time, energy and money?" For about a minute's worth, you would've been correct. But shortly after that hot minute, and up until today, I would not change a thing. Nor do I want to change the plenty of other terrible financial choices we made that led us to financial crisis and therefore releasing our 20 year home to the bank.

Here's why:
Today, my life is an abundantly good one, full of love. I love what I do, and I'm creating even better works for the future. My hubby is alive and well, despite some serious medical adventures. My kids are wonderful adults. I live in a cozy home in a great town.

I will never know what the path of huge financial and professional success would've accomplished for us now. Nor do I need to know. This now is so very very good.

Bonus: I've also learned so much from these mis-adventures: I can smell a Ponzi or a pyramid scheme from a thousand paces, and I warn people I love if they ask for my guidance. I am more care-filled with my investments of time and energy. I ask, "Is this mine?" a lot. And...

I am happy that my awareness of a solution to water and energy problems might have energetically contributed to the invention of a machine that will see the light of day, and help many many people.
Our thoughts count.
Everything counts.
Including releasing the past and celebrating the present.

PS: Part 2 of Out of the Spiritual Closet next newsletter.

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