Springtime resurrection

tuip-kiss-150x150Happy Springtime, no matter the weather in your part of the world.
My neighborhood is near the fields of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, and fields are now filled with daffodils at their peak. So here's Elke's official tulip watch: I predict nicely blossoming tulips in about a week...come for a visit!
The Two Lips in Tulips picture was taken last year. My beloved hubby was only a month out of hospital and rehab. I tear up every time I look at it---a reminder of the enduring power of love.
The photo is also a reminder of this: Darkness ensues in the wintertime. Whether it's the winter of your area or of your soul or of your life, expect darkness to be a hallmark. Expect to feel dismal at times, maybe even hopeless about the return of the light. Yet the winter also holds a promise, buried and hidden from our view: Life is still here, waiting to happen.
Springtime brings a revelation of seeds planted. What will come of our hopes and fears? A couple of years ago there was the Middle East Spring revolutions, an outpouring of striving for new leadership and cultural expression. This year, a new Pope embraces a message of hope for the poor and forgotten. Also, hope springs eternal as equality sees the light of day in my state, and my same gender friends are allowed to seal their commitment to their life partners with a wedding ceremony. Will their will be realized as a basic right in our entire country? I surely hope so. Remember: I believe in the enduring power of love, right?
This Springtime will be awash in activities  both ongoing and new: I've added to my diverse repertoire the role of low-impact-but-fun Zumba instructor. Why? Because I love to dance, so why not share more of what I love? I also love ceremonies and rituals and spiritual tools and empowerment and self expression and chocolate and cooking and fun, so why not share all of that too? After my winter of the soul as I plowed through various life-challenges, why not embrace the promise of this Spring: Life happens, no matter what. I am mighty grateful for that.


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