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This is longish, so pour yourself a cuppa and settle in for a spell when you have a chance…

Solstice is upon us, and here in the Northwest corner of the US, the daylight ends at 4:19 PM, and I am noticing how many people here are struggling with…well, so much: No job, health challenges, the loss of a loved one, and the constant struggle to stay in the light when the darkness descends so early. For my part, this has been a pivotal year in so many ways; with a recommitment to my work and purpose bringing some key travels and outreach, and the completion of husband Jim’s book Creating From Crisis, ready to publish (yay!). Yet as well we were dealing with health challenges in our family, the loss of loved ones, and then there’s this darkness factor.

In the midst of this packed year, has come this: This has been the year of what I am terming The Downloads: lovely messages coming through me from an unknown but kind and compassionate Spiritual Source. A few months ago, I’d purchased a tiny digital recorder for my work, and it has been getting a workout: while sitting on the couch with Jim in the mornings, or on our deck in the Summer, or in a café in the various places we’ve visited this last year, the downloads come through with messages of truth and healing for the aching heart of humanity.

My intention is to place a collection of the transcribed downloads in a book, and have it ready for early 2010 publication. I will keep you posted, of course. Meanwhile, I’ve had my usual spate of doubts about the whole process (recall how there are other books I’ve been writing, and how they are not yet in print? Long story….)—including the persistent doubt of anyone giving a hoot about this stuff.

And then came the Force of Love download, which is enclosed below the following story, and everything changed after that: the doubts and fears just vanished. To top it off, yesterday brought a whole new level of celebrating how loved we are by a kindly Universe (aka God), and so I leave you with this Love story, an excerpt of the Force of Love Download, and this wish: That you understand, deeply and thoroughly how loved you are.

May the Love Force be with you (and It is),
* * * * * * * * *

u r love

Yesterday, I woke up in a sour mood, having had a rough night of no sleep again…too much on my mind as per usual. Determined to turn this crankiness around, I decided to forgo my household and business chores and take myself out to coffee at a local food coop with an attached cozy and healthy café. I brought with me a recent transcribed “download” from a kindly Higher Power—I thought it might inspire me to re-read and edit it while I had my coffee hour.

On the way to the table ,I had offered kind words and a generous tip to the barista, encouraging words and a muffin to a 20 something year old who seemed lonely and hungry…the kind of stuff I do all the time without even thinking about it. I settled down with my coffee and goody, and with transcript in front of me, was very quickly in tears as I read the beautiful transcription entitled “The Force of Love”. In particular this passage moved me: …love is a force that exists in a state of forever. I felt the warm embrace of a Higher Power letting me know how impossible it was to not be loved.

I eventually ventured from the cozy space of my love-filled kaffee klatch to shop for groceries and a few Christmas gifts at the Co-op. After yet more sweet conversations with merchants and other shoppers, I finally made my way to the check out, beaming from ear to ear because of the lovely morning. And then I swiped my debit card to pay for the mound of items and … “Um, it states ‘access denied’ here,” said the kindly clerk. I looked at my groceries tucked into the shopping cart, and then to the lengthening line of co-op shoppers. Embarrassed, I said, “but I checked my bank statement this morning, and I had plenty of money in my balance…can you try again?” He nodded and tried again, with the same result. He called over the manager, who very sweetly said something about debit machines acting up this time of year, tried again, and then said : “Perhaps you need to contact your bank. I’ll put your groceries next to my office while you get this sorted out.”

O.k.. Gone were the warm fuzzy feelings. Vanished was my connection with a friendly Higher Power. Instead, panic overcame me: Did someone steal our money? Did I do something wrong? I drove the short drive to the local branch of our bank, cursing some not-so-loving words on the way. After a half hour of discussion with a bank representative, and a phone call to someone in the know, I discovered that our debit card account was indeed “compromised” and had been canceled as of that morning. A new card was issued to arrive sometime after Christmas. I withdrew some cash to pay for my purchases, and drove back to the co-op.

“What was THAT all about? “ I asked myself as I pushed the shopping cart toward my car. “And after such a loving morning!” And then the answer came: The Universe was indeed sending me a demonstration of Love: our account was protected, and not stolen from! I smiled and murmured a thankful prayer, and ended it with this: “Thank you for loving me so much. “ My cell phone beeped; a text message had arrived. I am not a texter, so I knew it was probably one of my kids as I flipped open the phone to this message from an unknown-to-me phone number: “u r love”.

I stared at the message, grinning at the perfect timing. But who was it from? I replied with a text of my own: “Thanks. Who are you?” I was almost certain the message “I am love 2” would come back, but instead a woman I had only met once, and who I only knew through a business networking site, had sent this message. Perhaps this was her text message holiday greeting to everyone she had the phone number for? I called her back to say how perfect the timing was for this, and told her my morning love story.

She laughed, then paused, and stated: “there’s more to the story on my end…” and proceeded to tell me she had actually texted a friend of hers, but somehow the message came to me instead. Hmmm…

With a re-established cheery heart I dove back to my hometown and to my office to check for phone messages. There was only one message: “Reverend Macartney you won’t remember me but you really helped me a couple of months ago…” the young teenage boy’s voice went on to say that I had reached out to him while shopping at the Co-op, seeing that he was in an emotional mess. “you told me there was no replacement for me in the world, and to remember how special I was. Then you handed me your card, and well….I called to say thank you. You didn’t know mom had just died, and I was thinking of dying, and then you said what you said. Thank you for saving my life.” It was true, I did not remember the encounter—as I say, this sort of thing happens all the time. I once again tearfully offered a thankful prayer, and got into the car to drive home. A few seconds into the drive the CD player turned itself on. I kid you not. Ziggy Marley was my recent favorite c.d., his cheerful reggae renditions breaking thought the winter gloom. His voice rang out the end of a song, thusly: “Love is my religion. All you need is love.” And then the c.d. shut off.

True love story, this scene from a small human’s life.

Look for your miracles of love, and if you can’t find any right now….make ‘em happen.

PS: Here is an excerpt from the download, The Force of Love:

…love is a force. People on your wonderful planet see love as a tender affection or as an addiction, or a something to be longed for, and yet love is a dominant force in this universe, as it is so prevalent anywhere you might look.

Love is a force of consciousness; love is a force that exists in a state of forever. We speak not of the categories of love that humanity has placed around it, as if love could be cordoned off. Instead we speak more of the force of love that is all acceptance, all allowing, in all ways. For without love, nothing – absolutely nothing – would exist. You would not exist. This voice would not exist, neither would this world exist. Whether we speak of the parts of the world where darkness descends, or the parts of the world that are lit up… whether we speak of the conscious awareness of people who are waking up to their true glorious selves, or the vast sleepy ones that cover and blanket the earth – all are loved, and all are a part of Creation’s love force.

Love exists—it neither takes away, nor gives—it just is. It was a love force that brought to humanity the gift of free will, for this particular planet is a free will planet. There was an allowance of all sorts of plays, dramas, comedies, and activities, to take place on this planet. This was a planet to be left alone to its own devices so to speak. Once formed from the nothing, and once informed by many, many different sources of information from all over the universe, planet earth has basically been left to its own devices. And so, too, has humanity been left to its own devices.

Humanity was formed out of love, and then allowed the free reign to go anywhere humanity wished to go, as far as a species is concerned. Free will was given and received by humanity as a gift--although at times humanity sees this as a curse. Yet this is indeed the will of the Great Creation.—and we say this with a capital “G” and “C”—to allow humanity to be creators as well. In essence< you as creators are allowed to destroy, to create, to love, to unite, to break apart – all would be allowed on this planet. And all has been allowed on this planet. Can you see this? We’re sure that you can. And it is the force of love that has allowed this.

Love stayed the hand of other forces in the universe who wished to take a bit more of a controlled approach to an evolving planet. Love was the one that said “No. Let them evolve on their own. Let’s see what happens here. Let’s see if they can come back to the lap of God, again, via their own volition.” And what, exactly, is that lap of God? It is the lap of Creation, where all, all sparks of life come into manifest form. It is rather a daunting task to explain this task to humanity at this time, since humanity cannot encompass it, although humanity has tried to, in its many religious and spiritual forms. But let’s suffice it to say, that the lap of God was also created by love—a love for all, with no judgment whatsoever for any of it.

To love’s force and reckoning, there is no such thing as evil, except perhaps for the backwards spelling of the word “live”. To Love’s eyes, evil is a living force on this planet of choice, and it exists because it was allowed to express. It was allowed to express as a force that wished to express separately from all other forces in the form of a destructive, malevolent energy. Evil has been allowed to exist on the planet, and yet, there is no overall judgment of this particular malevolent, destructive energy. Love rather welcomes all energies to this particular planet.

And yet because of the hue and cry of the human spirit, there will be a shift quite soon on this planet. The human spirit has tired of this free expression of the more malevolent forces mingled with the more benevolent forces. And so humanity has asked for a reprieve, if you will. And the reprieve is what you are creating as we speak. As you move towards the date of 2012 of your Roman years, you will see that the ending of a certain perspective of life will be upon you. The perspective shift will not happen all at once of course—it will happen gradually, over time. But what will happen is that wellbeing and love will take predominance over the more destructive forces of anger, spite, evil, and fear.

This is not to sound Pollyanna to you. This is not to sound like so much idealistic fluff. This is a statement of fact. People have tired, and have been tired of the forces, or the energies of hatred and disappointment and anger for so long, that one had to construct a particular date, to be a marker of how ready humanity was to not entertain drama anymore. As the old African-American spiritual sang in years past, you, as humanity “ain’t gonna study war no more.”

Yet, there will still be warriors. There will still be tribal lands where there will be skirmishes. There will still be strife, and there will still be people, who wish to destroy.

For now however, there is the force of love, ever, ever flowing, through the veins of humanity, through the veins of this world. We call this The Great Allowance. Love is a force of consciousness, for it brings not only the creations into a form that is sustainable, for more than an instant, it also allows for forms to come and to go as they will.

On this planet, many forms have come, and gone. Human life forms have been here for a long time, but really, only a brief blip of time as far as the Earth’s form is concerned, and definitely as far as the Universal form is concerned. Yet love does allow for a life form to have a life! This is its characteristic of allowing all to exist in a time frame of its choosing.

So a bee has a lifespan of however many months a bee has a lifespan, and a human has a lifespan of how many months, days, years, decades it has a lifespan. The lifespan of a mountain, the lifespan of a flame, in a candle. All spanning, and flowing, with the energy of love. Love creates, and destroys all at the same time. Love is the ultimate in allowance.

©2009, Elke Siller Macartney

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