Upon Being a Lighthouse

lighthouse darkRecently, a client and fellow practitioner asked for help in dealing with living in a region of the US that frowns upon religions other than Christianity, and where her line of work, and as well her marriage to a woman is considered a sin. She is a tarot reader and is very wise, but she often feels lonely in her part of the world. Sighing, she wondered aloud if she should move to a place more hospitable to her lifestyle and spirituality. Yet she also acknowledged that she was well loved in the community, and often helped others who felt similarly displaced, misunderstood, or judged.

My response to her:
"You have taken on a role I call 'being a lighthouse.’ And where are lighthouses built? Answer: On rocky shores. People who are lighthouses often find themselves in difficult situations, or places to live and work,  or relationships. These are the darker places that need a light for guidance. A lighthouse's job is to shine the light."

All right, people: Can you relate to this role? You know you are a lighthouse when:
1. You are in an area of the world or in a community or group where you feel alone in your thinking and attitude.
2. You are placed in a situation, place or relationship where you shine a light and are an example and role model.
3. You are often misunderstood when you bring up new ideas or perspectives—but you keep trying anyway.
4. You are bucking against a prevailing cultural tide.
5. You offer positive and affirmative words, even though you are surrounded by negative and disheartening words.

As mentioned, lighthouses are built upon rocky, often stormy or foggy shores. So too with human lighthouses: you will find yourself in rocky, stormy and foggy situations—and appropriately so. But this can be exhausting, so I offer some tips for lighthouse care and maintenance:

1. Find others of like mind. They can be a life-line when you feel as if you're the lone light for miles around. Groups on social networking sites like Facebook can be a God-send. Explore groups which share your values. Also, there might be one or two people in your own neighborhood with a light-filled energy about them: Look for them, befriend them, and cherish them!
2. Read inspiring stories in books, articles, and blog posts. Sometimes just a few words can lift you out of a dark and lonely funk.
3. Fill your well: Meditate, pray, sing, dance, do yoga, qui qong, tai chi, or other energy-filling activities.  Energize your spiritual batteries.
4. Walk in nature, or take a spontaneous road trip and see where your spirit leads. Viewing life from another perspective helps.
5.  Perform random acts of kindness. I know you probably do this anyway, and doesn’t it just tickle you to do so?
6. Be kind to yourself. Get off your case when you’re misunderstood and try not to judge yourself too harshly (if at all).

Affirm the following:  "I am a lighthouse shining a light of affirmation, possibility and bright energy to a world that needs it."

In these days of anger and unkindness, there are many scared and lonely people out there. Your light is needed now more than ever. Shine on.
love and blessings,

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  1. Lovely, Elke! I often felt this way living in Montana.

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