we are specially created angels…

From some "down loads" I've been receiving, I offer the following words, spoken into my digital recorder. I love the information and inspiration coming through, and will publish these words and more in my upcoming book: Energy Soup. bright blessings to all of us "special angels"!

You are not fallen angels; you are specially created angels fully adaptable to life on a living planet. Today, in this phase of your spiritual evolution, you are only partially conscious of your potential.
Seeing ourselves as small, silly, insignificant, and unable to do anything of worth, is the greatest lie humanity has ever received and locked into our consciousness. We’ve been caught up in this scenario for so long that we are completely unaware of the lie of this being real. Our predominant waking consciousness has been this limited and stunted perception. Meanwhile, in our dreams and visions and imagination, we have always known that we are so much more.

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