When stepping back is moving forward

always remember, the best is yet to comeIt's a fascinating time to be alive. Well now, that's a rather charitable thing to say, isn't it? War and despair and confusion seems to be amped up and ramped up: Where is this all going?

In my personal life, as I prepare to move out of a home and office I love to a much smaller, temporary daylight basement apartment with no room for an office, I also wonder: Where is this going? And why is it that either I or the Universe said "No" to so many options presented over the last 2.5 months of the new-home search?

The answer to both questions is still in question. In other words: I have no idea...yet. What I do have is a perspective that tells me 2 things:

Every situation and every experience is temporary, and leads to another situation and experience. In Buddhist teachings, the concept of impermanence tells us to not count on the permanence of anything, thus keeping us--for as much as we will allow it--in the present moment.

I also know that sometimes, stepping back leads to moving forward to the goal. So in our home hunt, rather than viewing this next move as a step backwards to smaller temporary digs, I see it as a time to step back in order to take a breather, gain perspective, and create new ways of being in my business, and in Jim's life. I have the intention to go inside, focus on some very cool unfinished projects, and allow the Universe to prepare me for the new. And Jim will make new connections as well for his continued healing and for a possible new career.

So how about we all step back and step up to our aware self--the one who has perspective and faith? Instead of letting the outside world bring us to the kind of despair that can stop us in our tracks, let's go inside and meditate. Let's get centered and still the noise in our minds so that we can all know this:

The best is yet to come.
By the way, I have had numerous offers for temporary office spaces, so I am still making appointments for any of my services. Come find me!

As always, I'll keep you posted.
Love and blessings,

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