Monthly Archives: May 2012

Working on Purpose. and…I opened a new office!

Work. The word has so many connotations because we, as individuals, have such different perceptions of what that noun/verb/pronoun is in our lives. Yet, here is what I know from my many years of working with people: The closer a person is to being about the business of living one's purpose, the more positive one's…
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Word has it….

Word has it.... Throughout this personal journey of a lifetime, I have sufficient evidence of both  the negative and the positive consequences issuing from my use and misuse of words. What I say matters. And guess what: What you say does too. There are no exceptions to this. The other day I sat down with…
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Thanks for Giving it Forward!

The following is a thank you letter i just sent to the generous people who donated to a medical bills fund for us, while Jim was in the hospital. Miracles abound. -------- To all of you angels who graciously gave to the Give it Forward fund, in a time of darkness and chaos and wondering…
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