Monthly Archives: October 2013

Beyond the veil: connecting with life on the other side.

Waiting in the ferry line after a retreat with hubby, Phone rang, and I saw an unfamiliar phone number from a familiar area code, and answered. "Hi Elke, this is Dane (not his real name), do you know what's happening?" His voice was strained.  "No, " I said, and felt a sense of dread. "It's…
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Now what? How do we handle world disasters? (a few suggestions)

[caption id="attachment_365" align="alignleft" width="150"] Dear Waters of the world, I am sorry. Please forgive my people. I send you healing. Thank you. I love you.[/caption] So the truth is, I do not have the answers to the serious situations, world wide: from the recent cyclone in Philippines, to the hugely dangerous Fukishima nuclear power-plant clean…
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