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Troubled world = opportinuity to send Love

angel-candle-150x150Troubled world = opportunity to send love

I glanced over at my honey, Jim, as he read the Sunday paper. Sighing, a comment issued forth about the contents; choice words were uttered, and his face registered disappointment and despair. I often wonder why we go through this Sunday morning ritual, or why we even bother to read the paper at all. Is it worth his upset? Or my witnessing the sad events of the world?

Of course, there isn't only bad stuff in the news, although the good is in the distinct minority. So, in order to shift how I've felt about it all, I've engaged in a new habit--an experiment of sorts:

Whenever I read something that upsets me, I say: "There's another issue to send love to." If there is a troubled spot in the world (and there are plenty), "There's another place to send love to."
When I get mad about local annoyances and issues: (noisy jets overhead, pollution, homelessness...): "Yet another thing to send love to." Same with people I feel sadness for--my loved ones of course, but even predators and criminals and terrorists and politicians who are monkeying around: "There's another person to send love to."

"Does this help?" you ask. I think so, for a few reasons:

1. When I feel helpless, and cannot do anything about a situation, this IS something to do: Send love.
2. Sending love motivates me to stay in peace within myself, no matter what circumstances are swirling around me.
3. We are connected, everyone of us to everyone else, so sending love reminds me of that connection.
4 The world benefits in great measure from every single thought that is positive, that is loving, that is compassionate.

I know this is true.
And this knowing spurs me to  remind the guy on the sofa, as he sighs and laments about the sad state of affairs: "Hey honey, there's something else to send love to."

Send it out there, everyone.