Monthly Archives: March 2016

To all world changers and light workers:

  To all light-workers, world changers, concerned citizens of the world: Right now, US President Obama is making a speech of peace and reconnection in Cuba: "I have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in Cuba." Also right now, Belgium is in turmoil, shock and grief. The world continues to…
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The Well-Intentioned Soul Comes to Earth

Sgt. Angel # 444 looked over the group of new recruits and smiled knowingly. "Attention, free souls!" she called out firmly yet warmly, "I want you to consider this assignment seriously. Earth is a beautiful planet, that's for sure. It's the only water planet in this sector, and is abundant in its variety of life…
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Tips for the sensitive soul: antidotes to mass fear and anger

It's mighty tempting to go there--"there" being joining the ranks of complaints and laments about the lack of courtesy and common decency as we in the USA bumble along another election season.  I don't even have to bring up the details of acrimony in order for you to have an uptick in your blood-pressure, do…
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