Monthly Archives: August 2016

Forgive yourself…for everything. Now.

I confess, I am easily mortified (i.o.w: embarrassed) and way too often. Recently, I've been mortified for the following: Being a space cadet or distracted by life's challenges enough to forget important appointments. Unintentionally pissing someone off by saying words that were not meant to harm--but they did anyway. Losing patience and grouching at my…
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Sneaky acts…of kindness

I fully admit to you: I am a sneaky woman. Yep. Busted. Yet I also admit to confining the bulk of my sneakiness to guerilla acts of kindness--mostly random, spur of the moment affairs. For your inspiration, in case you want join my sneaky club: Yesterday was "Get out of town and get creative Day."…
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