Monthly Archives: September 2016

Life is precious. Be kind to each other.

I visited the Macy's cosmetics department yesterday afternoon to buy my favorite make-up. No, it was not THAT Macy's. Our local Macy's is closed for an indeterminate time, since it is currently a crime scene, and blocked off from the public. I went to the Bellingham Macy's because I had just led a class nearby,…
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Listening to the Voice in my head

Many years ago, on a cool autumn day in Seattle, I rang the doorbell of a large mansion in a swank old neighborhood. The mansion's residents were a group of young adults, each renting out a large room while sharing expenses and food--affordable living at its finest. I came to teach yoga to the residents…
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When saying “No.” also says “Yes!”

Sometimes, a woman has to go on a personal journey with out  telling anyone. I didn't want advice or encouragement or sage counsel: I just wanted to check something out and follow a thread to see where it would lead. What it lead to was an unexpected offer, actually. The thing is, I had applied…
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