Monthly Archives: December 2016

The new is created from the old

Modern humans: we're often in a hurry to start the new, move forward, go for our dreams. While this may be positive, in all the rush towards "progress," do we pause long enough to gain wisdom from what we've created in the past? Here in the Pacific Northwest Coastal area, I've been introduced to the…
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Lighting up the darkness

Darkness: in this part of the world at this time of year, it's a challenge to be dealt with. And in modern times, rather than slowing down and going within, our lives are more sped up than ever with the holiday rush, and work to be completed before the new year. Traffic gets snarled by…
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Blessings to all caregivers

I’m reaching out to share a group hug with all the people who’ve been caring for a loved one for a long time. You know who you are: you’re doing everything you can to keep things together and running in life while making sure your loved one is safe, advocated for, receiving the best treatments,…
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