5 reasons why I mentor and why you should consider mentoring

Five reasons I love to mentor, and why you should consider mentoring.

1. Mentors help people get out of their own way. How many times have I been stuck in my own head, rattling around an idea or chewing on some issue? Uncountable times. Bringing said idea or issue out of my head and into the light of day by talking with a wise person has helped me, and has helped my mentees clarify and find resolution--or at least take some steps towards resolution. (yes, according to Wikipedia, mentee is a word)

2. Mentoring helps a person to trust at least one other person. Good mentors promote trust in trustworthy people. Over the years, I have been a person of trust outside of a primary relationship or parent/child relationship, and I consider this to be a sacred trust.

3. Mentoring helps a person to trust themselves. Trusting oneself to do what is right for the individual is something I see lacking in lots of folks. Unhealthy choices often ensue from this lack. Mentors help a person reestablish trust in their intuition, their feelings, their own common sense.

4. Mentoring helps a person stay on track or on task. When someone tells me his/her dream or goal, my job as mentor is to help them to stay on the path of achieving that dream or goal. TIP: Here's one primary question I ask people: "Is this choice/opportunity/activity on your path or is it a distraction from your path?"

5. Mentors empower a person's gifts. We all have 'em: gifts or talents we bring with us. Mentoring others to use those gifts for the good of the planet--and the good of their own lives--is one way we all benefit.
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My activities schedule includes a new series of classes for teens. To be honest, they came out of my concern--make that worry about the state of their health and well-being in this squirrelly, instantly connected world. I want to help them to ALSO connect with their Inner selves, their true beings, so here are my humble offerings.

No matter your age, and whether you're a mentor for a moment or a life time, bless you. What a gift you are!

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