A line in the sand

kindness sandOK then, I know you are most likely taking nice deep breaths in order to cope with the rancor and shouting and bad news of the day. Some of you are going on a media fast. Some are tuning out in other ways, from Pokemon Go, to a bit of extra wine or chocolate on your menu, or hours on Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram and where did the time go…?

So, of course, I had to come up with another way to cope, seeing how my deep breaths and extra pieces of chocolate didn’t always work: I’m drawing a line in the sand. Yup. I’m creating a healthy boundary that actually works to help me cope with and even thrive amongst the yuck.

Being kind whenever I can seems like spitting in the wind sometimes–a strong hot wind, if you get my drift. The hot air of politics and media gone wild can really make my small acts of kindness seem inconsequential. Yet…

I also admit to my unwillingness to be blown over or my relationships blown apart by the winds of change. And I figure: being kind does not hurt anyone at any time. So no side effects–well actually, maybe a few: Tears from a lady who received a Zumba t-shirt that didn’t fit me but I thought would look great on her, or the hug I got from the guy who’s credit card I just witnessed him drop after he left a bank machine. Or even the inner smile I have when I do a random act of kindness. As I say, no bad side effects.

Try it out. Some pals and I are committing to 2 random acts of kindness a day. You can join us. maybe we can let some fresh air breeze into all the hot air and clear away the yuck. Just maybe….
By the way, there are some new doings breezing into my offerings, starting late September. I am finally putting some structure around an educational program for those of you asking for spiritual mentoring and tools. The Soul Guidance Program is a 3 part series of instruction and networking with other spiritually oriented folks. Tools, connection, how-tos, and even a training for trainers– to say I am excited about this is putting it mildly. Stay tuned!

While I’m putting this together, you can actually help in the process, if you’d like: Answer this question: If you’ve been a student or client of mine, what was something I offered or said that you use time and again?
Thank you for your reply.

And be kind–especially to yourself.

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