A time out is good…even if there's no time.

bear & me in whiterockAdmission: I’ve been running in circles lately, a lot. This due to a particularly large load of projects and challenges to work through. I am one of those people who likes to get things done–chop chop!–especially when I seem to be THE responsible one.
In short, Hubby’s heart health needs attention, and there are deadlines to meet, huge life transitions to figure out, financial finagling, as well as building a sustainable business with a new way of doing my work, AND a new website to launch, and, of course my wonderful work to schedule. Lately, I move like Taz–a  cartoon Tasmanian devil…whirling around, busy busy busy with The List…until…

I collapse in a tired heap because I’ve not taken any time out. At all. Yup, the woman who tells others to take time to care for their beautiful selves has an occasional issue with taking time for herself. Until I remember:

This life is not a dress rehearsal. This body is the only one I have…there will be no others issued. This sweet life of mine needs care and needs support and an occasional time-out. So…

Here’s how I take time out:
When I can, I squeeze it into the busy calendar, actually scheduling an hour or two or a whole afternoon or even day off.  I put the phone on Do not disturb. I take a long walk, or I finally get that haircut or I sit on my sofa and meditate or read something longer than a news headline. I take a nap. Whatever I do in my time out is up to me–yet I try hard to make sure I am not sneaking stuff in from The List.

If I have very little to no time: I make a commitment to stop and just breathe deep for 3 whole minutes 3 times a day. 9 minutes a day–I’m not sure how I came up with that number, but it works: After each deep breathing session, I feel ready to go. And I do not feel as if I am taking anything away from The List. In fact, I am benefiting the list maker.

Today, the list is still long: Jim has surgery tomorrow, and I have a weekend class to prepare for and I have lots of phone calls, emails and so forth to deal with. But, after I send this out to you people, I will turn my laptop off, and breathe. I promise.

Take time out, people. You are worth it.

Love and blessings,

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