Attention Empaths: Some tools for the times

hand on treeIt startles me, how startle-prone I’ve been lately. Case in point: My husband tries to quietly approach me in the wee hours of the morning while I consider a morning newspaper and word puzzle, but despite his gentle voice or hand on my shoulder, it might as well be a loud animal crashing into the room: I always jump.

It’s been that way for a while, and I have a possible reason for it: I am, and a fair number of my friends and clients are on empathetic overload. As an empath–one who feels other’s energy and emotions, and as a seer, I’ve had a life-long challenge in managing what I feel and see. And for us empaths, the recent spate of un-mitigated bad news and drama and storms can overburden us. Add  life’s challenges and stresses to that higher state of alert, and it can tip us over the edge of reasonable and manageable feelings.

So, out come the tools in my spiritual toolkit. Thank God for them, they really do help. Here are a few:

Breathe deep into the belly, and say  a mantra or an affirmation to yourself. For instance: “Breath by breath, moment to moment, I am safe (or supported, or well, or at peace, et al).” Or “I let go and let God.” or whatever soothes you.

Walk or move: For me, even a ten minute walk can whisk away most of the barbed energy. Movement too: put on music and dance it out, or do tai chi or yoga or whatever brings you into balance.

Clean out your aura: Stand tall, take a deep breath, and put your hands and arms in front of you, and “spread your wings.”  Say: “Clean and clear!” or “I release (to Source or to God or to Spirit or to the Universe) all that is not mine.” Repeat often.

Do rituals: Light a candle, say prayers of healing to the world. Attend a drum group. Meditate or pray with others.


The picture up there is of my hand on the bark of a favorite big tree: Nature always helps to ground me. In other words, find your own tools, and if they work, use them.

I send peace to your hearts.


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