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The Magic of Trusting Spirit – 9/1/2019 sermon

I had such a good time sharing this sermon as a guest speaker for our local Center for Spiritual Living, Anacortes, and the congregation enjoyed it too, so I thought I would share my notes. Hope this inspires you to trust the Magic of Spirit. Sermon, September 1, 2019The Magic of Trusting Spirit (aka God)…
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Harvest what you sow

Harvest what you've sown I love love love this time of year in our beautiful valley. This is such a rich time, produce-wise; The apples are starting to show up on farm-stands, along with fresh sweet corn, the last of the blue and black berries—deluxe yummy abundance abounds. There is another kind of harvest happening…
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and how did I come to see auras?

I'm on a brief but oh so lovely seaside retreat, at a house owned by 2 longtime friends. I’m currently by myself, but the first night here I was treated to dinner and great conversation. The main theme circled around all things spiritual: near death experiences and other phenomena, as well as auras and… How…
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The Pray-er and his prayer

I come upon all sorts of sightings while I walk the forestlands near my home: usually birds, interesting plants, animals, or the occasional what-was-that-sound? Awhile back though, on a day when I sure as heck needed the solace of a mid-day forest walk because all is quiet, and meeting other humans is scarce, I came…
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