(I am going) Back to school edition….

 (I am going) Back to school edition.... In life, there are constant compromises made, priorities arranged and re-arranged, and shifting goals. And so it has been for me and my educational experience, the upshot: Graduated with a BA cum laud in Psychology from a great school: University of Florida. Then made my way to another…
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Spiritual discernment: How to choose wisely in challenging times

Note: I was prompted to write the following essay because of an event I recently witnessed involving a so-called Mexican shaman convincing an audience of his spiritual prowess and the healing power of an object he was selling. In other words, I witnessed a spiritual and commercial con-artist in action. I hope the following is…
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small actions = big impact

It's the little things that can make such a huge  difference. For instance: When I am stressed  and my shoulders are acting like earmuffs and my breath is a shallow affair, I remember to breathe into my belly. A small movement, but sometimes enough to turn the tide of anxiety. I cleaned up and organized…
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