Ho’Oponopono: The power of forgiveness

It's challenging to not take on the grief of the world and let it bog us down. Overwhelmed by the enormity of problems in our life and the world over, we can feel helpless and hopeless. I know this personally. Yet I also know that recently I've been experimenting with daily prayer work that I…
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Springtime resurrection

Happy Springtime, no matter the weather in your part of the world. My neighborhood is near the fields of the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, and fields are now filled with daffodils at their peak. So here's Elke's official tulip watch: I predict nicely blossoming tulips in about a week...come for a visit! The Two Lips…
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Connection in the Field

Here's a Rumi quote for you to ponder: "Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field, I'll meet you there." There is a Field that connects us all, no matter our ideas, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, or opinions. This Field of energy contains all: all of us, all others--there is no…
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