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bike-in-tulips-150x150Saturday morning was mid-winter dark, with a cold fog settled in overnight. I was up early to get ready to teach my 8:00 AM Zumba class–early enough to ride my bike the 6+ miles to the gym I work for now. This was my attempt at making the most of the change from my former gym–which was very convenient and only  a half mile away– to the gym that hired me to teach Zumba and gave me a free pass as well: A good deal. So I thought the extra exercise from biking would be good for me.

The bike route is an interesting one, taking me through our small downtown, then mostly bike trail and trestle bridge along the water, then a mile on an industrial road past the oil refinery. Variety in abundance: marinas, industry, nature, old railway. Recently, I had purchased new tires for the possibility of blackberry stickers, as well as clam-shells dropped by clever seagulls in order to open them for consumption. In other words: I was prepared for this jaunt.

True confessions: It was cold, as I say, and I briefly thought about not putting my helmet on, and putting on a warm fluffy hat instead. I figured: its quiet out, no-one around. But the voice of reason said: “Ya know, it only takes once” and the helmet and a head band went on.

I zoomed along the trail in high gear, no wind, and lovely quiet. I was near the end of the bridge, built over an old rail trestle, when my bike suddenly lost traction on a thin sheet of ice and spun out from under me. I fell hard on my left side, and  literally felt my brain slosh in its protective juices. As I lay there collecting myself, I thought: ‘My head hurts. That can’t be good.”  Up-righting me and bike, I carefully walked to the road over the ice slick and road the rest of the road to the gym and (don’t yell at me for this please) despite a raging headache, taught most of my low-impact Zumba class.

Later that morning the headache continued, and I had trouble finding words. Called a friend to bring me and hubby to ER for CT scans. Found out I had a concussion. Slept thought most of that day, and yesterday and today, and here I am, feeling better but writing to let you know:

I need more rest. Maybe a week’s worth. Loving and worried friends have checked in with me, and brought food, flowers, gifts, and Rieki, for which I am beyond grateful.  Yet what I need most is rest. Quiet.
So below is what is cancelled for now. I’ll be back, tho. I feel this is the Universe’s message for me to take time to re-boot. Who knows what new and lovely offerings will come out of this?

One more note before I nap…again! Please be careful out there. Listen and be aware. Keep your eyes on the road. Keep your eyes out for each other. There was no way for me to stop the fall–Nature rules in this case. Yet I wore a helmet. I accepted offers of help from friends. And I know that brains heal.

blessings and love,

Cancelled and still on so far:

Thursday, January 30, 7:30 – 9:00 PM New Moon Drum Group Celebration @ Anacortes Center For Happiness, 619 Commercial, third floor ballroom

This week’s ZUMBA
@ Skyline Community Clubhouse,  Zumba Gold, (low impact), Tuesday 6:15 PM
@ Bayside Fitness:Wednesday 8:15 AM

Still on, but will confirm:

Sunday February 9,
Shaman Mama’s Spiritual Support and Education Group
Ongoing, once a month group for modern shamans.
This month: Energy Healing for everyone. Learn basic energy healing techniques, experience healing from others. No experience needed, but experienced healers welcome!
$20-$30 sliding scale
Must RSVP! / 360-770-7831

All February Zumba classes (will confirm!)
@ Skyline Community Clubhouse,  Zumba Gold, (low impact), Tuesdays, 6:15 PM $5 drop in. punchcards available: $4/class
@ Bayside Fitness: Zumba Gold Mornings: Wednesday 8:15 AM, Saturday 8:00 AM,
NEW: Thursday Night: 4:30 (starting February 6) $5 drop in, punch card $45/10 classes or membership $30/month.
There are other great Zumba  teachers here!

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