Connection in the Field

hsmudraenergy-150x150Here’s a Rumi quote for you to ponder: “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field, I’ll meet you there.”

There is a Field that connects us all, no matter our ideas, thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, or opinions. This Field of energy contains all: all of us, all others–there is no separation in the Field except what we perceive as separation. Now, you’re probably  thinking, “Um, Elke, you’re starting off rather esoterically, aren’t you?”  Why yes I am, because the word esoteric means “That which is known to but a few, ” and I want it to be known by as many as possible: we are connected by a Field of energy that knows no bounds.

I want you to know this as a way of encouragement and comfort: I encourage you to keep on praying, affirming, sending out positive thoughts and energy. I encourage you to gather together in rituals for healing, community, peace, change. I encourage you to beam your light as often as you can.

I also want you take to comfort in this: All this beaming and affirming and healing and candles lit in positive intent has an effect on The Field, and therefore an effect on the whole world.

How do I know this?
Because everyday I witness the effects within the individual field that is our aura. I literally see the interplay of thoughts when 2 or more are gathered–and the gatherers do not even have to be speaking to each other. Where we are in our minds and moods and intents has a great bearing on a situation. I’ve been witness to a person’s resentful thoughts polluting the energy of a room or another person like so much industrial effluent.  I’ve also witnessed how kindness and compassion has cleared that very pollution. Anything is possible in the The Field.

So what are you going to contribute to the Field of possibility today? Take time to get quiet, and send positive prayers of peace and well being to the World and Her inhabitants. Make an effort to connect with your eternal Spirit: the One who knows you so well, and only wants the highest and best for you.

I”d like to call a gathering in the Field. I’ll meet you there, ok?


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