Going with the flow…seriously? that works?

going with the flow kayakI have a feeling that you might have feelings about the phrase: Go with the flow. Maybe you smile a little, and say “Ja mon. I’m with you.” Maybe you roll your eyes at the clich√©, or maybe the skeptical you has issues with “going with the flow.” I mean, seriously? Ja mon.

There have been instances and even whole phases of my life where I have felt in the flow of life as opposed to lurching forward, or tangoing back and forth, or flurrying and scurrying, or trying to make things happen, or feeling stuck and bogged down… But lately being in the flow is not just a matter of moments and it doesn’t seem like a phase that I will get jolted out of–even though I do, of course, get jolted with circumstances and incidents and challenges.

Rather than always living in the rapids of a raging river–which is exhausting, I am on the river of life and flowing with whatever comes: quiet times, busy times, exciting times and peaceful times. I feel different than I ever have before, because much as I talk about being in the flow, I now know I am.  And it feels, hmm…. right. Perfect. Natural.

This flow has brought with it a new perspective on abundance too. Though the perspective is based on old information and known truths about abundance, it feels new to me because it is steady, subtle, natural, rather than sporadic, loud, or confined to times when I manage to remember how abundant I really am.

Examples of abundant flow abound:

After our move, I decided our new home would be a sanctuary rather than a workplace. So for a brief time, I flurried about in search of a new office space. But then I stopped and realized: I am not ready yet, and a new office is not ready for me yet, so relax, accept the gift of the beautiful temporary office I’m using to see clients (thank you Marty!), and also be open to other sources of abundance that do not need an office, such as… I’ve been editing a pal’s book, I’ve officiated weddings and house blessings, and performed home and office and land clearings, offered phone and skype sessions, had people sponsor aura portrait sessions in their homes and businesses–none of these needed an office. The rent has easily been paid, there is money in the bank, and a pretty good wine in my glass.  And I know more opportunities will continue to flow my way in the future.

Nature’s abundance shows up everyday: The nature of our new home has brought exciting sightings of owls and hawks and hummingbirds and bunnies and eagles and vultures and a view of Mt. Baker’s volcanic venting, as well as star and planet sightings.

And, while I am in the flow, and not running around so much to make things happen, I have a wee bit more time for spontaneous fun, such as the girlfriend kayak and yak-yak session on a lake a mere 20 minute walk from my home. A pal I hadn’t seen in a long time asked if I wanted to paddle somewhere gentle, and voila! We were the only ones on this sweet small lake, and got caught up on life and probably solved the world’s problems to boot.

Near the end of the paddle, we put our paddles and our feet up and literally coasted to shore. There are no currents in this lake. The breeze was a bare puff, and yet, there we were, in the flow.

So we went with it.



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