New! 2020 offering, until further noted: $50/50 minute reading for over-the-phone guidance and energy readings/healing. Stay uplifted and strong!

Guidance, we all need it once in awhile.IMG_3139

I offer services and tools for people living a spiritually empowered lifestyle. I have 35 years  experience as a spiritual practitioner and teacher, and studied diverse wisdom traditions, including Shamanic, spiritual and energy healing traditions.  I present perspectives that could help you when you're feeling stuck, or confused, or need confirmation that you are indeed on the right path for you.

As an aura seer, I perceive the ever-evolving energy field of my clients, and I individualize my work to fit your energy, as well as your needs and intentions.

My offerings and fees are listed below.


Spiritual guidance sessions for individuals and couples. I will affirm your own wisdom, and offer tools to face challenges and live a fulfilling life. Initial visit: $80/hour in LaConner, WA office.

$80/hour phone appts;
Schedule via 


I always feel like I'm in such good hands with Elke. She has really helped me through some of my toughest of times by removing some sticky icky stuff from my energy field and providing wise guidance and energy hygiene tools I can use in my daily life. Each time I've had a shamanic healing session with Elke, I leave feeling so much lighter and brighter--and deeply cared for and supported. I highly recommend her!
Rebecca Clio Gould, Meditation & Qigong Teacher, Seattle, WA

Energy Adjustment Sessions

No matter what you are going through--illness, bad back, stress, dark night of the soul--your energy body (aura) is affected.

Energy adjustment sessions are a time for you to release any energies that do not serve you. My training as a Reiki practitioner, Therapeutic Touch practitioner and  energy healer stems from 35+ years of training with powerful healers and shamans from around the world. Your aura lets me know what needs to go and what needs to flow!

Energy adjustment sessions are one hour, fully clothed, on a massage table. LaConner, WA Office: $80/hour. Sessions are scheduled by appointment:

NOTE: Energy adjustment sessions are meant to  contribute to your overall well-being; they are not meant to replace medical treatment or diagnosis. 

 I suffered from nightmares and anxiety from past traumas. Elke gently and effectively helped me release what I've suffered for years. Thank you for this gift, Elke. B. Huddleston, humanitarian, Washington, DC

I am not sure how it happens, but when my back is out, or I have a severe headache, I call on Elke. Within minutes, all pain is gone!
T.S., musician, Seattle

My family and I were scheduled for a vacation trip we all looked forward to when I developed severe pain in my abdomen: probably kidney or gallstones, both have plagued me all my adult life. Elke quietly, gently worked her magic...I have not had any pain since. RJ, Nurse,  Albuquerque, NM

House and land clearing, ghost wrangling, and Blessing Ceremonies (new life, parenthood, babies, life transitions of any kind): fees: $120/hour Skagit/Island county; $150/hour Whatcom/Snohomish and SanJuan counties, + ferry fees; $150-$200/hour elsewhere depending on travel distance, excluding travel expenses. To schedule: 


By removing unwanted and unintended energy from your space, you create mental and emotional balance. A mental state of well-being, lightness, and clarity follow. Thus allowing a home or business to feel much more peaceful and calm.
Once stale negative vibration energy is cleared and replaced with high-frequency energy, you can feel the invigorating energy in your home or office fill with positive life affirming energy. Home clearing and blessing bring happiness and contentment. The result is clarity of vision and peace of mind. The clearing reestablishes a feeling of protection and safety to your surroundings.
Highly recommend
Elke Siller Macartney, shaman momma as I call her. $ well worth every penny. Joan Barlow, Owner, Native Springs Spa, Anacortes, WA