How aura potraits came to be….and new versions of Aura Portraits!

Recently, while participating in an Expo for senior citizens, I was rendering mini-versions of aura portraits along with 20 minute readings. At the end of the 2 days, I noted that Aura Portrait sessions have been a staple of my work for 22 years. As most good ideas that become part of my work-life, the Aura Portrait idea came from out of the blue, and grew organically.

22 years ago, an artist friend was about to make big changes to her life, and wondered if I would mind drawing her aura: a before and after picture of her changes. Of course I would, said I, and she made an outline of a body on a piece of art paper, handed over some crayons, and I went to work. While drawing and explaining what I saw, I noted her widened eyes and surprised look on her face, and said: “Why so surprised?  You know this is what I see.” She pointed to the now colorful picture.: “Um, no. I didn’t know you saw THAT!” Seeing the power of her reaction, the aura portrait idea was seeded.

My friend drew templates of male and female figures, as well as children, and I began to experiment on my poor unsuspecting friends. I used crayons, magic markers and pastels: all did not show how translucent the auras are. I also drew too much of what I saw–booboos, warts and all–and I quickly realized THAT wasn’t very inspiring. Finally, after trials and lots of errors, I was gifted a set of water color crayons that had the right effect. I also realized that the most important information I could give a person was how the aura shows one’s purpose and how that purpose was being acted upon in their life.  Aura portraits were born.

NEW: The usual aura portrait session has been a 2 hour affair–it takes me that long to render the painting on an 11X 17 inch paper, and explain everything I want to draw. Yet increasingly, I notice that the most cogent information–purpose and current journey with that purpose–happen in the first hour. Plus, the expense of a 2 hour portrait was increasingly out of reach for people: and that is not what I am about.

So..Tada! The new version of Aura portraits are on 8 X 11 inch paper, are one hour long and half the price: more accessible, still powerful.The older, longer version will still be available for people who are curious about their chakras: I’ll now call them “Aura Portraits Deluxe.” And as well, there will be mini 5 X 4 inch, 20 minute versions for parties and group activities only.

I am excited to share with you what I see. It’s going to be beautiful!
Bright and colorful blessings,
PS Scroll down for info on aura portraits, as well my summer activities.

NEW versions of AURA PORTRAITS by Elke:All of us are surrounded by an Aura that expresses itself in beautiful colors. Elke sees your Soul colors, as well as other spiritual symbols describing your unique Spirit.

During an aura portrait session, Elke will paint a watercolor portrait of what she sees. She might also speak to you about:

  • Your life’s purpose
  • Your physical and emotional health
  • Current life trends
  • Taking steps to further your life’s work



NEW! 3 versions of Aura portraits

* Party size (group aura parties and fairs only):
$40 /20 minutes, 5.5 X 4 inches

* Aura portrait session: 
Anacortes office: $90/ 1 hour. Distant and travel (depending on travel): $100 – $120, 8.5 X 11 inches

* Aura Portrait  Deluxe:
Anacortes office and distant: $200 / 2 hour and travel $250  11 X 17 inches


You asked for this, now Elke is offering….


Profoundly inspiring Aura portraits at a distance.

* Re-discover your purpose and wisdom.
* Claim who you truly are.
* Understand your path in the world.


2 options:

Aura portrait session: $100 / 1 hour reading, 8.5 X 11 inches*

Aura Portrait  Deluxe:  $200 / 2 hour reading;  11 X 17 inches

Summertime activities so far….

State your intentions. Release what is no longer yours! Bring you own drums or rattles or borrow Elke’s. $5-10+ donations welcome.

Center for Happiness, 619 Commercial Ave, Anacortes, WA 98221
7:30 PM /Dates: Saturday, July 26, Monday, August 25


Wednesday July 2 @ 6:00 PM, Pacific Time-zone: Guest on Tarot Of Empowerment radio show: Elke will discuss: You aura , your purpose, your life” with host Judyth Sult. 

Sunday, July 20th, 1:00-4:00PM

Earth Sanctuary  Tour and Sacred Ceremony
Where: Earth Sanctuary,  on Whidbey Island (near Langley)
A beautiful example of sacred place and integrity, Earth Sanctuary’s 72 acres has the world’s tallest stone circle, a salal labyrinth, a Tibetan Stupa, native American medicine wheel, and much more.
Join shaman Elke Macartney for a walkabout the sanctuary, meditation, and a healing ritual at the Cottonwood Stone Circle.

$7 per car admittance fee (carpool!), and $20 facilitation fee. See for more and pictures. RSVP:, 360-770-7831


Sunday, August 10, 5:00 PM
Full Moon Drum Ceremony @ Valerie’s Gallery, 7031 Old Highway 99, Burlington (between Cook Road exit and Bow Hill Exit. Celebrate a new gallery, gain clarity and healing. Bring your drums or borrow mine.

September 12, 13, 14: Aura Portrait sessions and Friday night lecture at Whitby’s Bookstore, White Rock, British Columbia. More details soon!

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