How now after the “wow”?

images-31So often, we go to a great workshop or have an epiphany, or experience something profoundly spiritual, and then in the ensuing days afterwards, our current reality takes over, and we ask,  "So what the heck was THAT all about?" Great question, and a true sign that a person has not integrated the experience/sighting/epiphany/et al into his or her life.

Integration: The word comes from the Latin, Integrare' renew and restore. One of integration's current meanings is "to make whole, to complete".

Integrating a healing experience or a new realization or even a new totem or guide is a process towards feeling complete with the new thing, experience, totem.... And when you feel complete, you will feel renewed and restored: a new, more vibrant energy.

The work, though, is in the process of integration, so here are a few tips for the process:

1. Be mindful of your feelings, post-experience. So often, we go to a workshop or experience something profound, and then our current reality takes over, and we think, "So what?" in the ensuing days afterwards.  I often find myself  asking: "So what the heck was THAT all about?" It is then I turn to my feelings afterwards: Am I feeling more joy? More angst? More sad? Anger? Fear? Peaceful? All of these and more are signs you and I are still in the process of integration: to come to completion with what has happened.

2. If the feelings are "negative"--sad mad confused--then go deeper and ask: "Why?" and "Where are these feelings coming from?"  Sometimes just acknowledging that things are stirred up inside will bring you to seek out ways of dealing with and integrating the feelings. Which brings me to:

3. Seek support:
*This might be a good time to seek out support from friends, loved ones, or a practitioner of some sort.
* It is also a good time to seek out another kind of support, via your guardians or angels or spiritual guides or even animal totems: Connect with them,  ask for guidance.
* Prayer is powerful. Light a candle, get peaceful, and ask your higher self or a higher power for support.

4. You'll know when you are complete with the integration when you find your self with more energy, a renewed zest for life, or a feeling of breakthrough to another level of experiencing your life.

Life is full of wonder and spirit, if we would only allow this in. Enjoy your journeys in spirit, and always feel welcome to ask for assistance, guidance and a friendly voice from me. I am here to serve.



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