Keep the faith

Nelson Mandela quote be prepared, believe it will happenRight now, even in the midst of tumultuous times, miracles continue to happen. Babies are born. Lives are saved. Kindness erupts in the midst of difficult circumstances, and is on display every single day.

I am currently in awe of and celebrating the creation of our new home. We haven’t moved in yet, but the signs are all good for sharing this home with a wonderful housemate/owner, thus creating instant community. We’ve already had spontaneous potlucks, conversations, and even shared cars, printer cables and ideas for our unit’s new kitchen creation. Today J & I will pick up compost and soil to beef up a dormant veggie garden.

All of this goodness came about because, despite my doubts and fears and meltdowns, I kept the faith. While my human self journeyed through the darker emotions, my true Self assured her: “Keep envisioning the home you both want and need.” And…

“Keep the faith in a Friendly Universe that always works in your favor. The Friendly Universe wants what is in your highest and best interest. Pay no attention to the voice of doubt. Instead, believe this: This new home has already happened. You’ll walk right into it when the time is right.”

Which is exactly what we did.

Dear people, I know many of you are still reeling from recent horrific events, and I might write about what to do about all this in my next post. For now though, pay attention to and honor the many many miracles afoot. Pay more attention  to what you ARE creating, than to the belief that it will not happen. Let’s all contribute to the shift from a planet at war to a planet where all have the opportunity for well being and peace.

Love sent your way,

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