Little moon’s eclipse trick

solar eclipselittle moon’s eclipse trick

A celestial coincidence factors into the stunning astronomical illusion of a total solar eclipse. In order for the experience of viewing a solar eclipse on earth  to happen, the measurements of the moon, the distance of the moon from the earth, and the size of the sun all have to line up precisely.

As it happens to be, our small moon’s size is 400 times smaller than the sun and yet, from earth, it seems to totally —or partially cover up the sun and create night where there was daylight. That is little moon’s trick:  a small obstacle creates the illusion of a big obstacle to the light. Amazing.

People who’ve experienced a total eclipse report it to be a phenomenal experience; mystical and sacred and powerful. The astrology world is all abuzz about the effects of the eclipse, and so are the scientists who monitor natural earth disasters:  Both camps are warning us that huge earthquakes and tsunamis and  hurricanes of a physical nature should be forthcoming after the eclipse, and so too human emotional storms and earthquakes.

And all this because of an optical and obstacle illusion? Wow.

Which brings me to our own obstacle illusions: Given the right factors, small obstacles seem insurmountable: When we are tired, when we are disillusioned, when we are sad or hopeless or stressed, even small challenges can appear to be huge. Then the meltdowns and crackups ensue, and all because we’ve accepted the illusion as real.

Our perceptions are that powerful. Whether its perceiving the new moon covering up the sun or perceiving an obstacle covering up the light for a time, we can feel its powerful effects for better or for worse. So my intention for the solar eclipse—and for my life, really—is to go inside my self when I perceive darkness, and see the inner light. My intention is to also share that light by beaming it out to the world. I love being a light beam. Love it. And maybe its my own personal illusion or delusion, but I do believe it makes a difference.

So beam away, people! And enjoy the eclipse, wherever you are.

Beaming love to you from this little light of mine,

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  1. Thank you for this perspective. I have been swimming in and out of my own obstical illusions for years. I often dont realize it until much much later or someone points it out for me. I really like it when people point it out to me but sometimes I’m not ready to “hear” it lol. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it was nice to wake up too. I REALLY appreciate you beaming your light. You remind me of the GOOD in life! ?

  2. Beautiful post. Thank you. 🙂

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