Message to the Sensitive Soul; Part 2: What to do.

Listen up sensitive soul, this is important.

I  know you feel  inconsequential, overwhelmed, unable to cope with the tsunami of feelings, images, messages burrowing into your mind. I know, I know …You feel crazy, right? Again. Crazy–this world doesn’t make any sense. So, you take your pills or your liquid or herbal fortification against the dark night of an even crazier world that seems to be going seriously wrong. And truthfully, it is in so many ways.

A friend called a bit ago: she’s dealing with brain damage from an accident. As well, a succession of awful events in the last few years brought her to the brink of life and death more than once. She called, becuase she stood at the brink again, peering over the edge. But at least she called. She said, with distressed sobs, “Please tell me why I’m here.” I was cooking dinner, the kind that needed rapid fire actions to keep everything moving toward an edible conclusion, but I turned everything off. ‘Um, do you mean why you are currently living [in a friend’s home] or do you mean why you are here in life?”

No answer. So I took the “why in life?” option and basically said what I am going to say to you.

You, sensitive soul, came here to support the biggest shift in consciousness this world has ever experienced: I know, kind of a huge statement, right? But, what the hell, I’ll say this too: : your sensitivity is more of a gift than you know.

In the book Flatland, a realm of 2 dimensional beings is pierced by the arrival of a sphere–a three dimensional being. Without going into the story now, let’s just say that you, sensitive soul, operate in another dimensional reality, but are trying your darnedest to communicate and survive in a culutre that still sees the world as basically flat. You have perspective above and beyond the traditional or “normal” and that is not easy. Plus, you came here to this little planet in order to help, and sometimes you feel like an utter failure in that–I mean, is the world less violent? No. More tolerant? Maybe, but not enough. More just, compassionate, sensible? Not really. And now, today, there is yet another war started. Dammit.  Another one. So….

What difference do you make? I’ll tell you right now, and I am taking a risk here that you might just not want to hear from me again. Fine. Here’s what i have to say anyway:
You make all the difference in the world. 

So here’s what you can do, right now, and into the foreseeable future with your sensitive self:

1. Beam. You are an inter-dimensional being, right? So you know that we are energy, and every thought and action sends out energy. So beam the energy of peace, of compassion, of solutions…whatever comes to your sensitive, fine mind. Beam out strong signals of positive change, as often as you can muster. In the middle of the night when you cannot sleep. In the middle of a frustrating day. Step back, get quiet inside, and beam.

2. Choose one soul, just one soul, who could use your gift/s—whatever the gift is or gifts are–and gift that person: a word of advice, a new perspective, a slice of creativity, a flower bouquet from weeds or a delicious dish. Fix their car or computer, or dry their tears. or listen to them… You know what you can do: do it for just one person–that’s all it takes. And then share your gift with one more and one more…or a bunch more. Your gifts are to be shared, not stowed away.

3. Practice the Law of Attention: Stay in the know with the world’s drama, but try very hard not to get overwhelmed by it. The law of attention states what we pour our attention into is what we will create. Disease, terror, awfulness abounds. Yet, so does beauty, compassion, new ideas.  Place your attention on solutions, dreams, and aspirations. And place your attention on what nurtures your soul– If all of us did, it would be a very very different place.

4. Practice gratitude; a powerful antidote to doubt and fear, it really helps the Law of Attention focus on what is important. Be grateful for this incredible opportunity to be here on this weird little blue planet and….

5. Realize that you are in the midst of an initiation. In ancient times and indigenous cultures, initiation practices are difficult for a reason: They create a stronger, more vibrant, mature person, able to handle the stresses of being gifted–aka sensitive.

6. One more: Don’t hide. Don’t. We need your voice, your passion, your gifts (see above). Show up. Take breaks when you need to, ask for help too, but show up for this magnificent mission. Let’s shift this shit. Just because Humanity has been doing things a certain way for…well a very long time, does not mean we have to continue the trend of unbridled destruction and defense. We can look up: there are many ways to be here. So lets get here, and be here.
It is your right. It is your gift.

with love, again.
PS: I wrote this to me too, Thanks for the opportunity to share.

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