Now what? How do we handle world disasters? (a few suggestions)

Dear Waters of the world, I am sorry. Please forgive my people. I send you healing. Thank you. I love you.

So the truth is, I do not have the answers to the serious situations, world wide: from the recent cyclone in Philippines, to the hugely dangerous Fukishima nuclear power-plant clean up situation, to ongoing skirmishes and humanitarian disasters, there is plenty of woe to go around. All these situations are good to know about: I believe awareness is key to finding solutions.

Yet I also know that with awareness can come overwhelm and despair. One wonders: “How can I make a difference? It’s all too much, too late, too far reaching to help, right?” And then one gives up, succumbing to depression and hopelessness, which promotes shock and inaction.

Of course, when I say “one” I also mean me. I have felt and experienced all the above. And as a person who sees human auras 24/7, I sometimes do NOT like what I see when my fellow humans become hopeless and sad. So really, now what? What can you or I or anyone do?

1. “Like” and  support projects that make a difference. Point out and post about things that are working, Put together fundraisers or donate from privacy of your home. Volunteer.

2. Be in community. What difference can you make in your own “backyard?” Kind acts, compassionate words, community building events…it all starts at home. Which leads me to:

3. Share your gifts, whatever they are. Teach folks a skill, make or bake something for someone(s), gift your time and talents and know-how.

4. Pray. Prayer is not religion-bound. Prayer is sending an intentional message to the Universe. A current prayer I’ve committed to for the rest of November and December: “Dear Water (of the world):  I am sorry. Please forgive my people. I send you healing. Thank you. I love you.” I am stating this at least 3 times a day. Join me!

5. Do what brings you joy. Dance. Write. Read. Laugh with friends. Plant gardens. Knit. Sing. Make things. Make things happen. Whatever brings you joy will surely add to the balance.

There’s more, of course. But you get the idea…Do not give up. You are irreplaceable in the scheme of things. Read that again: There is NO-ONE who can replace you or what you have to offer the world. No-one. So stay here. Jump in the game.

We can do this. We signed up for this, really, we did. As free spirits we thought: “Look at that beautiful planet! She sure could use my help. Ready or not, world, here I come!”

Love and blessings,

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