Priorities: Sorting out what’s important.

Oh mama mia, the dreams my friend Tony and I had! Such foolish dreamers.

He was a soul brother who once said we should buy a bus to carry my inspiration around the country--wait,  North America!  Wait! could be worldwide, just as long as it was a purple bus that carried us and the inspiration everywhere.

Mind you, though foolish, those dreams were good ones, even doable.  And then there was life in its fullest: health problems and debt and doubt and... life.

My soul bro and I  would converse often on the phone, and I'd gently chastise him for not being discerning when it came to dating men he met on the internet. And he would say his affirmations for me and prayers for me  from a place of love and respect and concern.

It's late night right now, and years after that sweet picture of the bro and I at his ordination as a minister, and it was a special, sacred day. Today though, his spirit is committed to a heavenly realm since his life was brutally taken a year ago in a home robbery gone very bad.

So, why bring this up now? Well, under a very full moon, and on this sad anniversary, I am inclined to review my life in order to look for what needs to be uncovered--and this is what I uncovered tonight :

I am more aware of what is important in my life.
You know how life constantly shows you what is important? Yea, you know. You know what's important to you in your bones and in your soul.

Every day I see people who are prioritizing, and getting it all wrong: They think life is about building for future wealth and well being. Yet the priority of the moment suffers like a neglected child (and sometimes IS a neglected child, or idea, or step), and their life goes sideways. And then, something shifts, and what is important is as plain as day.

Personally, I've been looking at and sorting out what is important to me in my work, my relationships, my actions, my health and well-being, and in my contribution to the planet. And I'm becoming pretty clear of some of my priorities:

1. Relationships are important to my health,  to my work,  to my helping out while I am on this earth. I'm looking at my relationships and sorting: What kind of people do I want in my life? How do I make a "home" for them in my life? And:  Who do I need to place healthy boundaries around?

2. My integrity is important. How I act and the choices I make are reflective of me. Yet, being in integrity is not a popularity contest. Sometimes far from it. When I am in integrity, my choices may or may not be popular, but here's the thing: they are correct for me. And that's all that matters.

3. Time for Spirit and renewal is important. This life is not a dress rehearsal, and if I keep on doing doing doing, without enough being, then my body and emotions suffer. And when I am not available in my body and emotions,, the people in my life suffer, and my work takes a beating. So, I am making more DAILY space for Spirit and renewal: meditating, yoga, dancing, a quiet walk with God, And this space for being is making all the difference in the world, because I am becoming more aware of my priorities.

And as I become more aware of what matters, my relationships thrive, my work blossoms, and I am in integrity.
Thanks for sharing this earth life with me, people.
And thanks Tony, for your angelic spotlight on what's important.
With love,

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