small actions = big impact

It's the little things that can make such a huge  difference. For instance:

When I am stressed  and my shoulders are acting like earmuffs and my breath is a shallow affair, I remember to breathe into my belly. A small movement, but sometimes enough to turn the tide of anxiety.

I cleaned up and organized a much used "mudroom" area in our kitchen, and organized backpacks, helmets, Zumba gear, hiking gear, water bottles, shopping bags, car keys and threw away or put away stuff not needed there. Now it's a grab-and-go area that has saved frustrating searches when I'm in a hurry.

Spontaneous small acts of kindness: I love them! They do not take much time, and can make a huge difference in people's lives. One very hard day shortly after my hubby's cardiac arrest and stroke, my caregiver self was so exhausted and frustrated, I couldn't even think straight to make dinner. My only small break that day was wandering onto the porch to check the mail, whereupon I found a small bouquet of flowers, a pot of soup and a note: "You are supported." Why yes I am.

And: My Wednesday morning commute to teach Zumba entails riding my bike 3 short blocks to a ferry dock, a quick ferry ride across a saltwater channel to a sweet, laid back island, and a short ride uphill to the community center. There have been times when I've almost forgotten my bike helmet. I figure, "Eh...its only a short distance with not much traffic.. " But I put my helmet on anyway. Recently on the ferry back, and after an on-board chat with an islander, I put my helmet on for the short ride home. "I'm so glad you wear a helmet," he said. "Not many wear them on the island." And then I recalled: I've had thoughts of "it doesn't matter" before, on another commute to a different Zumba class on an icy bicycle path. A quiet morning, no-one around. My bike  slipped on a patch of ice, and down I went. The helmet saved my head.

Little things. Small movements. Brief moments of awareness. It all counts in great measure.
Be good to you,
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