Snow Days

When it snows on these usually rainy lands, people panic. Truly. Events are cancelled with the first sign of snowflakes, and I’ve been bemused by that since moving here 30 odd years ago from my last stint in Chicago. Yet, I am also quite aware of the reasons there is anxiety and panic: There are steep hills to contend with, and snow removal is not as available here. Same with air conditioning in the summer—but I digress. No, we expect rain, with periods of sunshine. We expect green lawns in contrast to the brown lawns of summer. We expect to get around.

So those of us who had significant snowfall enough to keep us house bound or limited to walking with snow boots and hiking sticks knew full well why things get cancelled or postponed. Even when roads were cleared up somewhat, getting out of a snow-drifted driveway or parking space held us hostage to the elements.

Personally, I could have been grumpy and stayed grumpy for the week-plus of canceled clients and events I looked forward to. My job has no paid snow days. Instead, I took advantage of this brief work stoppage to have a snow retreat of sorts.

In my neighborhood forest, I walked quiet snowy trails and noticed how different everything looks when laden with snow. Tall trees and branches bowed—creating tunnels on the trail I needed to bow to walk under. I used 2 walking sticks to get around, which at times felt like overkill until I would slip on an icy patch—to be saved by a stick in the snow. I saw animal tracks usually unseen. I reveled in the glistening snow crystals when the sun finally came out. It was a time of enchantment and wonder I would usually have to travel to the mountains to find.  

I read stuff I hadn’t had time to read. I also wrote stuff, and might even do something with that stuff. And I cleaned and cleared:

I dusted and vacuumed and made a pile of giveaways—good snow day activities. And I also cleared my mind and heart…

There was something about being inside and away from life’s busyness that gave me the space to have sad moments of remembrance and regret. Hold on—wasn’t this going in a positive, inspirational direction, Elke?

Well yes, but hear me out: Sad moments of regret, and even a mini-meltdown moment during a dark and snowy evening brought me to life changing moments as well. After allowing time in the pits, I am a woman of spiritual resourcefulness and practice, so it was time to practice what I know:

I did forgiveness rituals, and cleared up resentments which blocked me from my good. I cleared the energy of our space. I blessed the lessons learned from old failures and mistakes.

And, to those who know me well,….
I danced, of course. Because, snow days are good days to dance. Dancing anchors in my gratitude for my many blessings. I danced in the positive new creations that were born from taking the time to clear the way for them.

Snow is melting today, and I’m going out to run errands and see clients and run events again. Yet, I’m so grateful for snow day gifts. It will be a winter to remember and celebrate.

with love and warmth,
After the snow activity:

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