Soul healing: coming home to yourself

hand of healing adn courageHe looked haggard and sad. I sat quietly across from someone I knew, yet in that moment, not much of the person I knew was present.

For the most part, I knew him as energetic, optimistic, and spiritually led--always compassionate towards others, always looking forward. But that day, all the above had faded into a bleak energetic fog around him: "The universe is conspiring against me," he sighed. He teared up. "I'm being led to dead-ends and disasters, again and again."

Which, for the most part, seemed true. Recent divorce from the love of his life, one financial crisis after another, career stalled, health concerns--there weren't many unaffected areas in his life. So, what could I offer a guy in this sorry state of being? Well, a few things; Remind him that he has a purpose; offer empathy and compassion for the pain he was feeling, and....

Call back the missing parts of his soul. I asked him questions about his life: When did he feel free? Optimistic no matter what? In love with life? and so on. He came up with a few times when a younger version of himself felt this way. Through a bit of ritual and magic, we called those soul parts home, and he left with a sparkle in his eyes: a sure sign he was willing to stay here and be in life.

"...willing to stay here and be in life." I tear up as I write these words, because this is so much a part of my healing work now: I help people to make that choice.

So, from my heart to yours, here are some tips for when you are feeling lost, angry at the Universe or God or Spirit, and generally psychically and emotionally kaput:

1. Pay attention to and acknowledge your feelings. Don't put them on the back burner, because they will eventually burn you. Have a conversation with your feelings (yes you can do this): "Listen, I know you're there, and are wanting my attention. I promise to give you my full attention when I'm able."

2.  When you have time, make the space  to honor your feelings and have a cry or stomp or meltdown. Give them a time limit tho: full engagement for, say, 5 minutes. And then go for it.

3. Ritual: After you have your "Pity Party", get quiet , maybe light a candle, and tune in: What  brought this on? What are you wanting to experience that you are not? and importantly: "Who is missing?"

Who might be missing are versions of you who have experienced powerful events that challenged your quality of life. These "soul parts" might have said a version of " Well, if this is what life is about from now on, you can just count me out!"

These dear ones ( or dear one) can go missing from that moment forward, so it might be time to bring them home. Chat with them, ask: "What will it take to bring you back?" State: "I am here for you."

With your physical arms, reach out and gather the energy of these soul parts, and bring that energy to your heart center. Thank them for coming home.

Sometimes it helps to have a facilitator (aka shaman) to help out. I am here for you if needed, and I know of other talented people who might also be of service to you.

It's ok to feel lost and kaput now and again. And its more than ok to ask for help from Spirit.

Blessings on your journeys Home,
PS: Soul Healing, and Energy Healing sessions are offered by appointment. Plus I will set aside 2 days per month for discounts on healing work. Check my activities page for August and September Energy Adjustment Hours.

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