Soul purpose

You arrived on this planet at whatever time you did, under whatever circumstances you did. As a tiny, vulnerable newbie, you probably don’t feel you had a choice in the matter. I mean, what were you thinking before you incarnated? You, as a free spirit tooling around the Universe must have had something in “mind”—or did you ?

Listen dear soul, I think we all had a sense of coming here with purpose. I have no proof of this, but I do have experiences as an aura seer that each of us has a primary purpose that guides our life. Reflected in the colors I see, I am always astonished at what your true self has come up with.

Maybe you are a healer, and look for opportunities to heal situations, people, the environment, animals, cultures, attitudes, sad habits….

Maybe you chose to be a force for love—unconditional love. You’re constantly attracting people to you who need a dose of love, and you express love with your creativity or service or hugs or presence or listening ear or voice….

Perhaps you are on the path of a teacher/communicator. You serve by discovery and research and expression: singer, teacher, dancer, scientist, mathematician, speaker, artist, leader, student…

There are many more purpose-driven expressions of course—even blended purposes and an infinite variety of ways of going about those purpose(s). Yet how much acknowledgment do you give to the choice you made to arrive here with purpose? Are you feeling adrift, or alone or kind of tired and saddened by the world’s overwhelming painful circumstances and problems?

Yea, well, I can relate. Big time. As a seer of the beauty that is your soul’s aura, I am also painfully aware of the dilemmas and challenges your soul has gone through as you try to translate your soul’s original intention into life on a beautiful but crazy planet.

Yet I also can relate to how you, dear sincere soul, want to make your contribution. To leave a (positive) mark. To help. To be about your purpose.

So may I suggest you take yourself on a journey…maybe its a once in awhile journey, or a once in a lifetime journey of discovery. Explore your path: What brought you here (purpose)? How’s it going? and Where do you want to go with this purpose?

There are allies on the path, of course: teachers, books, classes, pals, family…even teachers you might not like very much.

I am here for you as well as a guide and friend. Besides aura portraits and guidance/healing sessions, I have some new classes and even books in the works that will help guide you. Meanwhile, trust your own guidance to lead you to where you need to be, ok?

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