Still here.

Yep, that is an untouched-up, bed + hat + Zumba hair, no makeup morning picture of me. Before I sat down to write this post, I grabbed my phone and asked my husband to snap a pic of my barely awake self for this reason—it is authentication of this truth: I am still here. Despite a challenging year following a number of challenging years, I am here, enjoying good coffee in a warm home. It is stunning to me to have these blessings to be grateful for—but here I am, and I’m grateful to the max.

And guess what? If you are reading this, and witnessing my unadorned visage, it is evidence that you are still here too. Yup. It was a tough year for many. I mean, need I list out the storms and fires and political nonsense and negativity, never mind the whole nuclear situation? Oh…sorry, I guess I did list out some highlights. Yet: We are still here. And by “we” I mean the Light-workers, a term you will not hear from those in power right now. Yet here we are—a mighty force the world doesn’t quite know about.

This is fine, because fame is not what we are here for. We are here to balance out the forces of “darkness,” or, as I like to call “them,” the Forgetful Forces. Much like the dark side of The Force of Star Wars fame, these Forces have been at play for a long long time. The Forgetful Forces have forgotten a crucial thing that we all forget now and again: That “they” are an aspect of God too. Yes, if you believe in a Creator of any kind, this Creative Force—aka God— is all inclusive, and has unconditional Love for us—if we would but remember. .

Whew, this post got intense in a hurry, didn’t it? But ah well, this is what comes of one woman doing whatever she can to be about her purpose in life, no matter what these forces are up to in the world, in her mind, or in her life. Because, she knows better than to dismiss all the work she has done on herself and others to remember who she truly is and why she has come to this crazy little planet.

She, or rather I, want to acknowledge that every single moment of awareness, and every single positive action I took, or change of mind I had, or inner work I did, or prayers I offered had an effect on the world. Crazy talk, right? Yea, but that’s ok. If this crazy thought of having an effect on the world can spread like a happy virus amongst you all—so be it. You make a difference too.

I was listening to a This American Life podcast that was powerful and troubling, and yet also hopeful and inspiring. Title was “Human Error in Volatile Situations”, and one story sent chills down my spine: The Damascus Accident is a 1980 thriller describing how, in a nuclear missile silo in Arkansas, a simple human error nearly caused the destruction of a huge portion of the Midwest. Yep, one simple dropped socket wrench set up an explosion that sent a nuclear missile flying, only to land and…not explode. You can listen to the podcast here.

My point is, though, that somehow, we are still here. Somehow, despite many many close calls, humanity—love it or not—is still here. Amazing.

So here’s to you, Light-workers, and all. Here’s to our still being here and doing our best to create enough of a healing shift so that humanity gets to keep on evolving. I’ll see you next year, and maybe the year after that too…


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