Thanks for Giving it Forward!

The following is a thank you letter i just sent to the generous people who donated to a medical bills fund for us, while Jim was in the hospital. Miracles abound.


To all of you angels who graciously gave to the Give it Forward fund, in a time of darkness and chaos and wondering how I would make it through:
THANK YOU for your kindness! Life has changed drastically since last February and March: I'm sitting in the kitchen of a new home, peacefully sipping coffee, getting ready to unpack more moving-day boxes and prepare for our new life. Read that as Jim's and my new life as a couple of dreamers who are here to serve the world. Whoever you are, wherever you are, you must know that this helped me in great measure to stem the ongoing fear of "affording" time off to care for this good man, and subsequent medical bills from his hospitalization.

The money was used to give me time to bring my hubby back to life. And that worked: He is a changed man -- alive, sparkly, and engaged in life (he's out to coffee with a friend as we speak). As for me: I now have the time to bring this experience into my work as a spiritual guide, teacher and healer. I must say I used every tool and technique known to me as I helped--and continue to help--Jim get back online.

I want to let you in on a recent miracle:
The more Jim gained his independence, the more I was able to put my time into establishing my practice again. I was kindly offered free use of an office in town--it was Jim's old office as a vocational rehab counselor. But use of the office is time-limited since the company will move soon. At first I looked for another office space, but found nothing I could easily afford.  So I got creative and looked into CraigsList for a larger house to rent, with possible office space. Voila! Right in our neighborhood was a 1920 Craftsman with an office space on the main floor and a spacious living room to hold small groups, plus a space for Jim to have an office to himself. It was $200 more than our current rent. Hmm. Could we afford this much over our current rental budget? I decided, "Yes! Its time to put my faith into practice." Miracles ensued: New clients started to call. And I found money as I prepared to move: First it was $10 bills in coat pockets. Then an unexpected $600 check came in the mail to make up for time off for the move. Lastly,this miracle: I was looking through a large basket that housed stationary and cards. Had no reason to do this. At the bottom of the basket was a small white envelope. Enclosed were several $100 bills--EXACTLY our new monthly rent. Months ago, when I received the Fund donation check, I cashed some of the money, put it in an envelope, squirreled it away, and forgot about it. I found this just when I needed to trust in this choice. Wow.

YOU made this happen. Thank you from my heart to yours. IF you are ever near Anacortes Washington, gateway to the San Juan Islands, mi casa su casa. You'll always find a grateful woman to greet you and offer tea and company.

Many blessings,
Elke S Macartney (and James W Macartney too!)

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