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gall-12I am sitting in my bright little LaConner office, reflecting on a journey just taken to officiate the memorial service of dear friend who lived 11 hours away in Ashland, Oregon, near the California border. The trip was a magical one, full to the brim with synchronicities, car breakdowns, fairy gardens, meditative moments, tears, laughter, re-uniting with old friends, and saying a final good-bye to an old friend. I feel changed by this few day trip: something has softened in me, opened up to the fragility in life (once again), and opened up to these repeating thoughts in my head: “Life is brief. Do not hesitate to follow your dreams. Be open to miracles. Be available to others.”

“Be available to others”—it’s this statement that has been tugging at me the most. Sitting in my office, and taking a bit of a breather from what is turning out to be a rather busy Summer, I have a sense that somehow my “Availability Light” must be on. Past clients who I’ve not seen in a decade or more are calling; so are new people from all over the world. Most of them have come to my office door to ask for assistance because their lives are turned upside down, changes are huge, and they want to move forward with some sense of a path. So, my calendar is packed with the People of the Change: our time has come folks, to do whatever it is we do best. Show up, the world needs us more than ever.

Now, counter-intuitive to my rather full calendar, I was advised by my own guidance to make myself even more available, and so I am offering this one Summer only possibility for you to take advantage of:
Re-session aura portrait special:
ALL in-LaConner-office aura portraits are half price from mid-June ‘til the August. Yep, the regular price is $200 in office, now it’s $100. So if you feel like you are “due” for an update, this is your time, or if you want to gift someone, go for it. And more: In-office spiritual check-ins are $60/hour on weekends, and $50/hour on weekdays (I usually charge $75/hour).

More availability:
* I am on a lovely radio show today online: Ascending Way with Rev. Albert Anderson, a true wise man and mystical adept. Should be fun: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Ascending-Way/2009/07/02/Rev-Elke-Siller-Macartney-on-the-Aura-of-the-Times.

and more...*
For fun and experimentation: I am now on Twitter and FaceBook, you can find me under the name: RevElke. If you imbibe in social networking, you have a spiritual “friend” here.

I am also a member of a business networking site for entrepreneurs I enjoy very much, Biznik.com, and have written several articles on the Metaphysics of Business. Here are the links to all seven of my articles…enjoy!

If you like what you see on Biznik, and want to join a wonderful bunch of independent thinkers, go to http://biznik.com/join/rev-elke-siller-macartney.

Blessings of delight in Life,

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