Why I do rituals.

Why I do rituals…

An admiring student said it with a smile: “Elke, I love the way you drop and pray.” Now, she didn’t mean that I drop to my knees in prostration, but that, if needed in the moment, I would drop my activities and pray. Why do I pray or do spontaneous or even planned rituals?

Because, 1. it’s kept me alive and healthy in body, mind and soul, and 2. I believe every effort to bring positive intent into the world counts. Every single one.

Like so many people in my life, I am a sensitive, caring person who is disturbed by the increasing violence in the world, and the terrible way we treat each other. I’ve felt overwhelmed and helpless when I read how divisive and uncaring we have become. And I have received fervent emails, phone calls and texts from folks who say: “This place (earth) sucks. I’m done. I want out.” No exaggeration here. Just feelings of powerlessness and despondency. Yet….

Prayers and rituals help.
After I tell these caring humans that there is no replacement for them, and please stay here with us, I always suggest a ritual. It could be as simple as lighting a candle and sending out prayers of healing for a person or situation.
I’ve been known to pull my car over when I’ve felt that  something is wrong, closed my eyes, and sent out prayers of compassion, of peace, of awakening and of…

My favorite, go-to prayer: “I pray for the highest and best outcome for all concerned.”

Other rituals I’ve used are forgiveness rituals, cutting cords to unhealthy relationship rituals, releasing rituals–homes, old patterns,  fears, and more….

And monthly, during the New Moon, a time for farmers to seed and weed, I participate in a new moon ritual with a circle of other caring souls: writing out intentions for the month (seed) and also, on separate paper, writing out a list of what I am releasing (fears, thoughts, etc), and then burning them in my magic hibachi.

It all counts in great measure. You are constantly sending out ripples of energy, whether you are aware of this or not.
So why not send out energies with the intention of healing what ails this dear old place we call home. It doesn’t hurt, and it could certainly help.

With love from your fellow caring soul,

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