Elke Siller Macartney

Offering: Compassion. Transformation. Healing.

"A visionary wisewoman for our times, Elke’s understanding of both the human dilemma and the human potential is powerful and healing." PL, author, philanthropist

Energy and soul healer
"She sifts through the rubble of the situation and allows me to rediscover the gold nugget that is me.” Goshia, nurse

Spiritual teacher
"A true original who dares to approach life with an open heart. I listen, and my heart opens up as well.” RJ, entrepreneur

Spiritual guide and counselor
"Elke’ s practical and spiritual wisdom has changed my life. She serves up her guidance with a generous helping of joy. “ JL, contractor

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About Elke

Since I was a young child, people of all ages want to talk to me and tell me about their concerns and worries. Even as a kid, there was a sense of "knowing" what to say to them. That knowing stayed with me on my journey through adulthood: I studied psychology in college in order to hone my listening and guidance skills. Yet, it wasn't until the re-awakening of the inherent gift of seeing auras that I started to use the knowledge in my work.

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Elke Macartney

Don’t try to pigeonhole Elke, you will not succeed. This extraordinarily gifted and special person is sui generis (in a class of her own). She uses colors that others don’t see and downloads messages that others don’t hear to communicate the essence of being. Her work is done with the warmth, compassion and wonder of a wife and mother and without any sense of superiority. Elke uses her powers positively and with care.
Peter Armitage, Philanthropist, British Isles

Elke Macartney

This spring (2009) Elke “read” and “drew” my “aura” at the Conference on Science and Consciousnessin Santa Fe NM.My training is in Physics, which I taught for 36 years in B.C. Canada.It was absolutely clear to me that my session with Elke was not anything like a “cold reading”, that is she did not probe me with questions for information that she could then elaborate.No, she could “see” clearly in colors that were not visible to me.She used these for personal information about me that was specific and beyond anything I had told her.She made her vision visible to me as it took shape over two hours in the form of a large colored drawing and in audio which was recorded for me to take home.Her recording of our session is a rich treasure of personal insights for me to explore as I revisit it from time to time.
I am not certain if what she sees is a product of something like quantum entanglement as Dean Radin describes or is electromagnetic in expression.However, anyone not blocked by a paradigm blindness which prevents such possibilities, would find the experience amazing and useful.
You do not need a double blind study to convince yourself that gravity is probably real but it is also highly mysterious.Gravity depends on matter.We understand many things, yet about only 5% of all matter. The remaining 95% consisting of black matter, black energy etc. etc. but it binds together the Universe as we know it.So too Elke taps into something equally real that binds the knowns and unknowns of our lives and spirits together.

- Dr. Ken Kuhn, retired Physics Professor, Vancouver, BC

Elke Macartney

I have known Elke three years and in that time have attended multiple classes, ceremonies and experienced healing sessions and aura portraits with her. These energetic and spiritual experiences have exposed me further to the world of spirit and expanded my perceptive abilities. My life is so much richer and fulfilled.  Marty Pease, retired physical therapist, LaConner, WA

Elke Macartney

Elke holds the powerful combination of being both generous and highly skilled in her work.
-Laura Lavigne - Center for Happiness, Anacortes, WA